Vera Wang Embrace French Lavender & Tuberose


Famous fashion designer Vera Wang, who launches one of the most acclaimed, priceless and eye-catching bride gowns, introduces a new sensual and tantalizing perfume for women Embrace French Lavender & Tuberose. As the name of the perfume inspires, the new Vera Wang perfume is all about aromatic French lavender notes nicely mixed with tuberose accords. Those who adore lavender-infused perfume will find this fragrance daring, truly romantic and delicate.

Top notes: Mandarin
Heart notes: Lavender, Tuberose
Base notes: Cacao, Vanilla

Vera Wang Embrace French Lavender & Tuberose is part of the famous Embrace Collection that has more other exquisite and delicious perfumes. Embrace French Lavender & Tuberose is an oriental/floral fragrance with fruity accords ideal for daily use. It opens with fresh citrusy notes of mandarin along with floral notes of lavender and tuberose calming with cocoa and sweet vanilla.

Vera Wang Embrace French Lavender & Tuberose Bottle Box

The bottle design is simple, preserving the same shape as earlier editions in the Collection, yet colored in pale violet color inspiring the nice color of lavender.

Vera Wang Embrace French Lavender & Tuberose is available as 30ml Eau de Toilette.





The Nose: Pascal Gaurin

Pascal Gaurin Nose

Pascal Gaurin was born circa 1970 in France. This French Perfumer works for IFF (International Flavors & Fragrances) as Senior Perfumer for the Fine Fragrances division (Click photo to enlarge).

Pascal had no objective reasons to become a perfumer, but chose it thanks to his gift. His fascination with scents was so great that as a child, he literally explored the world with his nose, causing his mother to wonder if he was afraid of being poisoned.

Pascal studied and graduated at ISIPCA in Versailles and a year after that he began to work in IFF, first in Hong Kong, where he enriched not only his olfactory palette, but also gained a deep understanding of the art, customs and olfactory preferences of people in Asia. Then, in 1997, Pascal was offered the chance to work in IFF, New York, the city of his dreams. The city where everything happens, and where all smells come together.

Most inspired by very dense essences, Pascal Gaurin is fond of resins, deep woods and anything that can express extreme sensuality. His taste for darkness probably originates from his grandparents’ home in Creuse, France. ‘The forests are very dark there, it always feels like it’s night time, you can feel the vapors of humus, mushrooms, leaves and bark. . . I love frontal materials, those you need to tame like sculptor does stone, by keeping the volume but making it flow’. This is where he gets his affinity for cistus, patchouli, Cashmeran and vanilla, ingredients he qualifies as erotic.”


Other passions of Pascal, which help him in his work, are music and film. The palette of fragrances created by Pascal Gaurin is wide indeed:

  • 2000 Givenchy ‘Oblique Play’ (with Jean-Claude Delville)
  • 2002 Calvin Klein ‘Crave’ (with Yves Cassar and Jean-Marc Chaillan)
  • 2002 Liz Clairborne ‘Bora Bora’ (with Oliver Polge)
  • 2003 Calvin Klein ‘Eternity Purple Orchid’ (with Sophia Grojsman)
  • 2004 Curve ‘Crush Men’ (with Jean-Marc Chaillan)
  • 2004 Karl Lagerfeld ‘Liquid Karl’ (with Bruno Jovanovic and Sandrine Malin)
  • 2004 Liz Clairborne ‘Realities’ (with Jean-Marc Chaillan, Laurent le Guernec)
  • 2005 Liz Clairborne ‘Liz’ (with Jean-Marc Chaillan, Laurent le Guernec)
  • 2006 Banana Republic ‘Rosewood’
  • 2006 Curve Chill Men (with Jean-Marc Chaillan, Laurent le Guernec, Loc Dong)
  • 2007 Christian Lacroix ‘Noir’

Christian Lacroix Nuit

Christian Lacroix ‘Nuit’ (Click photo to enlarge).

  • 2007 Tom Ford ‘Black Violet’ (with Clement Gavarry)
  • 2007 Calvin Klein ‘Eternity Summer’ (with Clement Gavarry)
  • 2008 Patrick Dempsey ‘Unscripted’ (with Yves Cassar)
  • 2008 Emanuelle Ungaro, ‘U by Ungaro for Him’ (with Yves Cassar)
  • 2008 Calvin Klein ‘Eternity Summer’ (with Yves Cassar)
  • 2008 Jessica Simpson ‘Fancy Love’ (with Celine Barel, Clement Gavarry, Yves Cassar)
  • 2009 Michael Kors ‘Very Hollywood’  (with Laurent le Guernec)
  • 2009 Valentino ‘Valentino’
  • 2011 Christian Lacroix ‘Nuit for Him’
  • 2012 Vera Wang ‘Lovestruck Floral Rush’
  • 2013 Diesel ‘Loverdose Tattoo’ (with Anne Flipo)
  • 2014 Diesel ‘Loverdose Tattoo EDT’ (with Anne Flipo)
  • 2015 Diana Vreeland ‘Daringly Different’
  • 2015 Oscar de La Renta ‘Extraordinary’ (with Bruno Jovanovic)

Oscar de La Renta Eau de Parfum EXTRAORDINARY

Oscar de La Renta ‘Extraordinary’ (Click photo to enlarge).

by Jean Amr

Vera Wang Be Jeweled Rouge


Fashion designer Vera Wang successfully launches a new perfume for women, Be Jeweled Rouge – the new precious flanker to last year’s Be Jeweled perfume. Vera Wang Be Jeweled Rouge is a modern fragrance sealed in a very glamour bottle adorned with glittering stones inspiring a priceless accessory in the hands of any young girl.

Vera Wang Be Jeweled Rouge is a sweet fruity/flowery perfume composed of romantic notes of red currant, gardenia flower along with sweet pralines. The base calmly settles with woody and musky notes offering a lingering sweetness. Be Jeweled Rouge offers a delicate aroma with a tempting and provocative aura ideal for crazy nights out.

Vera Wang Be Jeweled Rouge is available as 30, 50 and 75ml Eau de Parfum.




Vera Wang Pink Princess

Vera Wang Pink Princess Banner

American fashion designer Vera Wang presents her latest perfume for women, Pink Princess – an accessory meaning more than just a perfume. As the name inspires, Vera Wang Pink Princess is a must have perfume for women who still feel like little princesses. Pink Princess by Vera Wang is a girlish, fresh, lively and joyful perfume with a pleasant aroma that will charm every girl. This fragrance for women reflects everything girlish, vivacious and charming.

Vera Wang Pink Princess opens with a fresh floral bouquet of pink grapefruit and raspberry sorbet along with notes of pink hibiscus and creamy honeysuckle. The sweetie and soft base is made of marshmallow and white amber.

Vera Wang Pink Princess Flacon

The new perfume will capture attention thanks to its inviting design adorned with a beautiful crown instead of the stopper. The fuchsia bottle will ideally suit a real princess’ perfume wardrobe.

Vera Wang Pink Princess will be available in 30 and 50ml Eau de Toilette.





Vera Wang Be Jeweled


Iconic fashion designer Vera Wang introduces a new luxurious perfume for women, Be Jeweled.  Vera Wang Be Jeweled is an enchanting and amazing perfume with a dose of glamour and modern elements. Be Jeweled is a must-have accessory for this season, yet it is stylish, youthful and charming.

Vera Wang Be Jeweled flacon ad

Brilliant and flirtatious, Vera Wang Be Jeweled captures the energy and excitement of the perfect girls night out. Each girl is a ‘jewel’ in her own right, exuding confidence and charm. Their presence captivates as they enter the room.

Vera Wang Be Jeweled is created by perfumer Yann Vasnier, as a modern interpretation with a fresh, soft and passionate aroma. Top notes of Be Jeweled seduce us with an irresistible blend of red currant, pomegranate and champagne. The heart adds fruity zests of passion fruit combined with pink honeysuckle and pink peony. Base notes complete the pink feeling with accords of pink crystal-sugar accompanied with a sensual trail of musk and Australian sandalwood.

Vera Wang Be Jeweled flacon boxThe fragrance, created for all ladies who enjoy fashion, goings out and luxurious, luminous details to accompany her youthful style, is available in a characteristic and glamorous flacon. With polished facets iridescent in shades of pink and pale violet color, it looks like a precious gem embellished with pink and violet gems around its neck, as if it wore a beautiful necklace with gems.

Vera Wang Be Jeweled will be available at the end of April in three sizes, 30, 50 and 75ml Eau de Parfum.





Vera Wang Lovestruck Floral Rush

Vera Wang Lovestruck Floral Rush visual2

American fashion designer Vera Wang reveals the 2012 version to last year’s Lovestruck Perfume for women, Lovestruck Floral Rush. The new perfume, which will hit the stores in August, will blend delightful flowery notes with an aromatic pleasant aroma.

Vera Wang Lovestruck Floral Rush is described as a luminous and sparkling floral bouquet of captivating and memorable flowers. Thanks to its champagne accord and apricot blossom notes, Lovestruck Floral Rush is mouthwatering and unforgettable. Created by perfumer Pascal Gaurin as an enchanting fragrance addictive and lovely at first smell. It blends pink pepper, pink passion flower, marigold, freesia, wood and white amber.

Vera Wang Lovestruck Floral Rush will be advertised by the stunning actress Leighton Meester. It will be available later this summer as 30, 50 and 100ml Eau de Parfum.


Vera Wang Lovestruck Floral Rush Bottle




Vera Wang Princess Night


She dances the night away and kisses the sun for good morning. Daydreams during the day and offers her attention to anyone who asks for it! She is glam, artistic, wild, well-spoken, sophisticated. She kisses frogs and princes, and sees how magic comes alive after midnight.

She loves sequin dresses, which she accessorizes with the sparkle in her eyes. She loves parties, especially the ones in which we are parting ways with the previous year and we look forward to the new one.

She kisses passionately, she parties hard and has no regrets. Regrets is for commoners, and true princesses live for the moment!


Famous Chinese/American fashion designer Vera Wang launches a new flanker of the famous Princess perfume in the beginning of next year. Princess Night, which is more intense than the original version, mixes floral notes with exotic woody accords. Vera Wang Princess Night will preserve the glamour and glowing style like the previous Princess Perfumes.

Sexy, Passionate and Wild! Vera Wang Princess Night blends exotic notes, fruits and woody accords. Top notes include wild berries, watermelon and raspberry along with hearty notes of jasmine petals, orange blossom and a touch of passionate rose. The sweet base melts with crushed sugar, vanilla and musk.


Princess Night bottle has the same heart shape as the original perfume decorated with dark purple glitter adorned with a silver crown cap.

Vera Wang Princess Night will be available as 30, 50 and 100 ml Eau de Toilette.