Vichy Liftactiv Specialist Peptide-C Anti-Ageing Ampoules


French Maison Vichy launced Lifactiv Specialist Peptide-C Anti-Ageing Ampoules. You can now supercharge your skin thanks to this concentrated daily dose of actives. Enriched with 10% vitamin C, natural-origin hyaluronic acid and peptides Vichy’s first advanced ampoules aim to target fine lines, wrinkles, lack of firmess as well as boosting skin radiance. Vichy laboratories have carefully selected just 10 ingredients to create a minimalist but effective formula.

Each ampoule contains exactly 1.8ml of concentrated formula as part of your 30-day expert ageing regime. The air-tight, amber glass ampoule protects the potent formula from light, UV and oxidation for up to 48h once opened to ensure freshness, potency and efficacy.


How to use:

  • Hold the ampoule upright and gently tap the head.
  • Use a tissue to carefully break the head off the ampoule with two hands.
  • Twist the cap off the plastic applicator and set aside. Insert the applicator onto the top of the ampoule.
  • Point the ampoule downwards and shake gently.
  • Press the side bubbles and dispense ½ of the formula into the palm of your hand for one application.
  • Apply on the whole face and neck avoiding the eye area.
  • Close the applicator with plastic cap kept from before to preserve the formula and keep for evening use. Rinse applicator daily.
  • Let the formula penetrate the skin for 30 seconds before applying the rest of your skincare routine. We recommend using SPF protection as part of your morning skincare regime.


imageResults are visible from the first use as the ampoules instantly hydrate and plump while in 10 days they smooth, brighten and firm.

Vichy Liftactiv Specialist Peptide-C Anti-Ageing Ampoules are fragrance-free. Vichy Liftactiv Specialist Peptide-C Anti-Ageing Ampoules are available in a package of 10 or 30 pieces, at selected pharmacy’s worldwide. Come into the beautiful world of Vichy.





Vichy Lets You Add a Shot of Vitamin C to Your Skincare Routine


If you start with a serious skincare regime, the first thing that’s likely going to be added to your skincare routine is Vitamin C. It’s a quick and easy way to put some antioxidants into your skincare, and that helps fight the signs of aging due to sun damage and other environmental oxidation.

Luckily, Vitamin C not only helps make your skin less prone to sun spots and freckles, but it can also leave it firmer over time.



Vichy now has Liftactiv Vitamin C Brightner Skin Corrector which is formulated with 15% Pure Vitamin C and hyaluronic acid. The Vitamin C helps fight oxidation and the hyaluronic acid boosts moisture in the skin. According to clinical trials, you’ll notice a difference in your skin in just 10 days!

What I really love about it is that it absorbs into your skin almost immediately, which makes it easy to layer moisturizer or sunscreen on top. It’s not greasy or sticky like some vitamin C serums can be, and so you’re more likely to use it because it makes your skin feel so good.





New Vichy Ideal Sport Ultra-Light Refreshing Lotion SPF 60

Vichy Ideal Sport Ultra-Light Refreshing Lotion SPF 60.png

New sunscreen technology means that no longer are sunscreens sticky, greasy, or heavy on the skin.  Instead, they’re light and wearable, with the best formulas being suitable on the face or the body.

All that is definitely true of Vichy’s new Ideal Sport Ultra-Light Refreshing Lotion in SPF 60. Formulated to be light and refreshing, with technology that works on wet or dry skin, it’s the sunscreen that’s perfect for every day use, but even more suitable for the times that you’re out and about. It’s water and sweat resistant for up to 80 minutes, and because it works on wet skin too, you don’t have to dry off before applying it.

There’s no white cast or residue and even when I use this sunscreen on my face, it sinks in easily and makeup goes on top without any issues. If you’re looking for skin protection that’s all-encompassing and easy to wear, then this is a fantastic option. Also, the European and Cannadian versions of Vichy sunscreens contain Mexoryl XL, which is an ingredient that helps the sunscreen be more photostable. That means that it’s less likely to disintegrate in the sun.

Vichy Ideal Sport Ultra-Light Refreshing Lotion SPF 60 is available now.



Vichy Mineral 89

Vichy Mineral 89 -Hyaluronic-Acid-Moisturizer-Homepage-Banner-Vichy

Vichy, one of the leading European pharmacy brands, has just rolled out a new product – Vichy Mineral 89, hyaluronic acid face moisturizer. As its name suggests, Mineral 89 is a strong hydrating product formulated with Vichy’s miracle-working mineralizing thermal water from the French volcanoes.

But what kind of water is this? In a nutshell: anything but your basic H20. Vichy thermal water flows warms over 4000 meters underground, and flows through the thousand-year-old magmatic volcanic rock, where it picks up no less but 15 skin-strengthening minerals including iron, potassium, calcium, and manganese. Yes, most of the pharmacy brands offer their versions of skin-soothing mists and thermal waters, but Vichy’s one comes with a major advantage! Not only it soothes the skin, but also helps to rebalance pH and protects from external aggressors, like pollution and weather.

Vichy Mineral 89 Video

Vichy’s mineralizing thermal water is present in all of its products, and everyone, no matter age or skin type, women or men, can benefit from using it. The newly launched product, Mineral 89, contains the highest concentration of this skin-soothing, hydrating water, which makes it the perfect addition to any skin care routine.

Vichy Mineral 89 is announced as a new generation moisturizer, a product that combines 15-mineral rich water with hyaluronic acid to fortify the skin and make it more resilient to internal and external stressors. No less than 89% of this product is Vichy’s legendary mineralizing thermal water, which fortifies the skin and strengthens its moisture barrier. In combination with hyaluronic acid, the water hydrates and plumps the skin. As a result, skin feels more hydrated and toned, radiating with a healthy glow.

Vichy Mineral 89 Learn More

Vichy Mineral 89 is a colorless, transparent, gel-to-water face moisturizer that absorbs quickly leaving the skin feeling comfortably soft, soothed, and hydrated. The formula is fragrance free, non-greasy, non-sticky, and non-shiny. You may use it as a regular face moisturizer, morning and evening.

How to use:

Apply 2 drops on your skin after cleansing morning and evening. Use as a regular face moisturizer on its own or as the first step of your skincare routine. Spread with outward movements from the middle of the face, without applying too much pressure.


Vichy Mineral 89 Bottle Box

Vichy Mineral 89 is presented in a massive glass bottle of 50ml, and it comes with a price tag of €22.50/$29.50.

Make the most out of your beauty sleep with Vichy Idéalia

Beauty sleep

There’s a new night cream on the block ladies… say hello to Vichy’s Idealia Skin Sleep recovery night gel-balm. The idea behind this one is that it aims to stimulate the skin’s own deep sleep mechanisms, so even if you don’t get much sleep, skins nightly functions will remain at their optimum, meaning you make the most of your beauty sleep.

In reality, this stuff is pretty unusual. The texture is a very cooling and soothing gel, as opposed to a traditional creamy formula and as such is something that’s probably going to appeal to those who might be considering their first night anti-aging cream.

Ingredients wise it’s got a dreamy green tea and jasmine fragrance that’s actually lovely for bed time. It’s also got skin loving Hyaluronic Acid to help stimulate cell regeneration, LHA to help smooth and even out the skin, as well as caffeine and Vitamin B.


Vichy Idéalia Skin Sleep

Overall I quite liked this one and its unique light texture. At first it feel right for night time, it was so refreshing on the skin, and the subtle scent and softening feel really made it a hit. Vichy Idéalia Skin Sleep is available in a 50ml jar.




Vichy Ideal White

Are you, like many people, skeptical about the promises in so-called ‘miracle surface creams’? Now, there’s a breakthrough, whitening technology firmly based on science that women can finally trust. It’s Vichy’s Ideal White Meta Whitening Essence, the signature new product with a game-changing formula that contains the most potent meta-whitening complex. The foundation of Vichy’s new whitening range, Ideal White has the ability to enhance the skin’s whitening balance and unleash its own meta-whitening power.Vichy Ideal White.jpgIt has taken Vichy’s world-renowned dermatologists 12 years of research to formulate and perfect Ideal White Meta Whitening Essence at its world famous laboratories. Hypoallergenic and paraben-free, iconic Ideal White Meta Whitening Essence is safe for even the most sensitive skin. Its unique and hydrating blend of active ingredients penetrates the skin quickly to correct 7 pigmentation concerns: immediately the formula provides the skin with a rosy glow, and it will also leave the skin smooth and hydrated for 24 hours. Then on the long term, dark spots are reduced in color intensity and number, the skin tone is more even, and the luminosity is boosted from within.

Vichy’s new Ideal White Essence with Meta-Whitening technology has been clinically proven to correct 7 pigmentation disorders:

  • Dark Spots Diminished
  • Rosy Glow Boosted
  • Skin Tone Illuminated
  • Skin Translucency Revealed
  • Yellowness Reduced
  • Evenness Improved
  • 24-Hour Hydration

With Ideal White Meta Whitening Essence, Vichy’s dermatologists have been able to push forward the boundaries of whitening technology with a completely new approach – that of metabolic whitening. Four potent active ingredients in Ideal White Meta Whitening Essence combine to optimize the skin’s health and beauty, giving it the ability to combat melanin at every stage of its life cycle. These ingredients are: PhE-resorcinol, the most powerful whitening active ingredient that makes skin more even and corrects spots; Ellagic Acid, a potent, whitening antioxidant to reduce oxidative stress; Adenosine, an effective anti-ageing ingredient with plumping and smoothing properties; Finally, LHA, an exfoliation agent that helps skin renewal to improve skin quality.

Also available in the Ideal White range is Vichy’s Ideal White Brightening Deep Cleansing Foam to gently remove impurities and residue with its mild cleansing oils and high concentration of hydrating glycerin. Used morning and night, it ensures a soft, clean complexion free of flaws. Then to complement the Essence, Vichy offers 2 day cares with 2 different textures and benefits: Ideal White Meta Whitening Emulsion, a new gel-emulsion cream that provides 24-hour hydration along with smoother, fresher and brighter skin. In clinical tests, this innovative cream offered incredible results, reducing dark pigmentation spots by at least two tones after just eight weeks of use. The second day care is the Ideal White Whitening Replumping Gel Cream which will reveal luminosity and radiance. It contains Aquabioryl, that will distribute the water evenly among the cells and hold it for long-lasting hydration and plumpy skin.

Vichy’s Ideal White contains the breakthrough technology to help transform and offer a solution to the women, and men, in the GCC who are seeking to correct dark spots, even their skin tone, and illuminate their dull skin. Regular application along with the comprehensive range of other Ideal White products to cleanse, prepare, care and protect leads to a state-of-the-art solution for even, fair, and more radiant skin that is always at its optimal, backed by the science of Vichy.



Vichy Normaderm Nuit Detox


Vichy Normaderm Nuit Detox targets the causes of oily skin as you sleep. It is ideal for teenagers (M/F) but also for adults whose skin produces too much sebum.
Vichy Normaderm Nuit Detox will regulate your complexion overnight as it targets the excess sebum production, tightens pores, evens skin’s texture and reduce imperfections.
You will wake up with radiant , clear and purified skin! Come into the beautiful world of Vichy.






Vichy Dermablend Setting Powder


I’m rather addicted to trying out face powders both pressed and loose. I can wax lyrical about which ones are chalky, which ones are fine, or the different colours and textures and smells. But it’s always good to be surprised by a newbie who comes leftfield and knocks all your preconceptions into oblivion.

Step forward Vichy’s Dermablend who’s finely formulated, fine, white. light, setting powder which looks incredibly. Its super-lightweight powder specifically formulated to strengthen and extend the hold of Dermablend foundations but really, any foundation will be delighted to be dabbed with this gossamer fine dust. Matt yet with just enough white colour to highlight as it goes, this is a find.



It’s easy application means that a dab by the powder puff enclosed or even a few large brush strokes will transform a face into a highlighted wonder that’ provides a matt finish. It’s light and micro-fine texture makes all the difference. Heck it even has a rub, sweat and water resistant finish and lasts up to 16 hours. Wow!

Oh and it’s allergy-tested on sensitive skin, is paraben-free and fragrance-free. Non-comedogenic, Non-acnegenic.





Vichy Teint Idéal Illuminating Foundation


Vichy’s new Teint Idéal Illuminating foundation is the right choice towards a perfect complexion and is a truly innovative product! This Illuminating foundation with Thin Radiance technology and corrective complex (vitamin c and e) corrects streamlines, illuminates and restores the skin for over 14 hrs day after day.

Vichy Teint Idéal Illuminating Foundation is available as fluid foundation for normal to mixted skin and as a cream foundation for dry skin. Both types of Vichy Teint Idéal Illuminating Foundation are suited for sensitive skins and are enriched with Vichy thermal water.


Both available in five beautiful shades, the foundations are really lightweight and gives a light to medium coverage. Your skin will be smooth and luminous looking and the effects will last all day!



The Vichy Teint Idéal Illuminating Fluid Foundation comes in a glass flacon with a pump and the Teint Idéal Illuminating Cream Foundation one in a 30 ml tube, and are available at selected stores worldwide. Come into the beautiful world of Vichy.