Christian Dior releases a new Rose des Vents episode


Go back in time with the newest episode of Dior’s Rose de Vents animated series.

To mark the arrival in stores of Christian Dior’s new Mini D de Dior Rose des Vents timepiece collection, the French Maison has released the latest episode of the animated series. Aptly titled Time Travelan animation created by Victoire de Castellane,  Creative Director of Dior Jewellery – the new episode follows the Dior duo as they travel through the jungle, to the pyramids of Egypt to a futuristic Dubai-esque city. This new chapter in the Rose des Vents series is a stylish follow-on from the duo’s Under the Sea, Voyage to Space and Wheel of Fortune episodes. 

Dior's Mini D Rose Des Vents haute timepieces


Discover Christian Dior’s Mini D Rose Des Vents haute timepieces above, from left to right: Dior Mini D Rose Des Vents Nacre Rose, Nacre Blanche, Malachite

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Dior releases new Rose des Vents video


Maison Christian Dior’s haute jewellery line is hidden under the sea in a new episode of the ‘Rose de Vents’ animated series…

With the launch of Christian Dior’s jewellery line,  ‘Rose des Vents’, the French Maison has released another charming animated series of the same name. This time, the Dior duo – Christian Dior and Victoire de Castellane, Creative Director of Dior Jewellery – travel ‘Under the Sea’, where they find an abandoned ship filled with Dior’s hidden treasures. This new chapter in the ‘Rose des Vents’ series is a stylish follow-on from the duo’s ‘Voyage to Space’.

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Maison Dior’s Rose des Vents Voyage to Space

If you do nothing else today, watch the latest addition to Dior’s animated video series now…

Christian Dior’s latest installment in the ‘Rose des Vents’ animated series is here, and this time, the characters are headed for outer space. Aptly titled, ‘Voyage to Space’, the 34-second short film, which is hand drawn by Victoire de Castellane, follows the Dior duo as they board a rocketship and traverse the galaxy before planting a Dior flag on the moon.

Watch the Dior video below…