Serpent Bohéme: Boucheron presents novelty through love story

Founded in 1858, Maison Boucheron was the first French luxury jeweler to establish its home in the opulent Place Vendôme next to the Hôtel Ritz. Until recently, Boucheron was the only Maison whose ateliers looked out onto the grand square.

True to this culture of elegance, modernity and savoir-faire, Boucheron has been established as the jeweler of light, in the City of Light for over 160 years.

A hopeless romantic, its founder Frédéric Boucheron, would travel to the ends of the earth in search of the most beautiful, rare stones. Mr. Boucheron’s love and adoration for his wife was a powerful force in his quest for the perfect jewels. Innovation and excellence define the visionary approach to the maison’s exquisite designs. The love story between Frédéric and his beautiful wife Gabrielle play a defining role in the stunning pieces and the story behind them.

In 1888 it was the couple’s crystal wedding anniversary. Frédèric went often on adventurour trips, to go on his way to find precious stones, the stones that are responsible for the fame of the now iconic jewelry house.

One night before Frédéric left on one of his many adventurous trips he gave Gabrielle a necklace in the shape of a serpent as a token of his love. He vowed it would protect her while he was away.

The evening before his departure, he says goodbye to his beloved wife Gabrielle and dedicates her a very special gift full of symbolism: a flashy necklace depicting a snake dotted with diamonds. He vowed it would protect her while he was away.

The necklace was a thoughtful choice. As a protecting animal, the snake was supposed to protect Gabrielle in her husband’s absence. Frédéric Boucheron was inspired by his wife’s free and assertive personality and created for her this bold gem, which at the time was strikingly modern to extravagant.

The serpent gracefully protected Gabrielle’s neck in a style that would become iconic to the house.

Not long after, in a beautiful tribute to Gabrielle, the first Serpent collection was born in 1968. As a protective talisman and a symbol of eternal love, the snake became an iconic element and inspiration. The Maison presented a collection designed for independent and unbridled women, such as Gabrielle – a collection called Serpent Bohéme.

The idea of protection created by Frédéréc Boucherone is reflected in every part of the collection: gold precisely processed into a form of fine scales resembling snake skin, face drops symbolizing the head of a snake, and a fine gemstone in the heart drops perfectly reflecting the brightness and light of the entire jewel. In a few decades, Serpent Bohéme became one of the most famous collections of the French Maison.

It celebrates the Bohemian lifestyle, showcasing jewels that voyage across time and borders, just like Frédéric Boucheron and his many expeditions. The craftsmanship and artistry in each piece can be seen through the precision of the sculpted gold. The twinkling of each diamond is illuminated through the lustrous gold. 

Inspired by this iconic jewellery collection and its rich history, the Boucheron family is enhanced with a new gem that takes over all the essential elements of Serpent Bohemia jewelry. A scent of the same name is created designed for a confident, courageous woman… as a tribute to the beloved, independent Gabrielle.

In creating serpent bohéme, perfumer Anne Flipo followed the creative spirit of the collection, but at the same time was influenced by the freedom and assertive personality of the women for which Frédéric Boucheron created the most daring jewelry.

Serpent Bohème embodies free spirit, independence and elegance without conventions and dictatorships. It celebrates everyday life, guided by beauty and dream. The rebirth of a symbolic snake as a renewed adable of happiness.

Anne Flipo offers this freedom of movement, thought and enjoy life through a unique composition of floral, musk and chypre tones. Serpent Bohéme gleefully opens with an explosion of vibrant mandarin tones and black fish.

The floral heart reveals the quality properties of a rose. The lush Mallow desert rose blends in with the essence of the Turkish rose to create a sensual combination. Then the iconic Jasmine Sambac pours into the scent like a ray of sunlight and perfectly complements this addictive composition.

Top notes: mandarin, black currant
Heart: Turkish rose, sambac jasmine, desert rose
Base: labdanum, patchouli, white musk, sandalwood

The basic tone dukes white musk flowers in conjunction with the chords of roses. The warm tones of the cistus labdanum plant leave the skin feeling like after kissing through the sun. Sandalwood and Patchouli lends the whole composition naturalness.

‘Snakeskin’ as the base of serpent bohemia’s first iconic jewelry collection covers the entire back of the flacon of this new fragrance. The precisive engraving and the game with light perfectly undersmned the gentle and transparent appearance of the flacon. At the front of the flacon is a decently stamped gold plaque with the name of the scent. A black satin ribbon around the neck gives the flacon an elegant look.

The new perfume is conceived as a balanced and fluid whole, made just like a jewel carefully wrapped in gold.

On screen, the Maison Boucheron called French top model Joséphine le Tutour, winner of the Elite Model Look competition to embody the fragrance. With her frank and direct gaze, she perfectly embodies the liberated personality of Serpent Bohème. Dressed in a white blouse revealing necklace Serpent Bohèm, It expresses a natural elegance as do the jewelry in the collection.

Boucheron Serpent Bohème is available as a 30, 50 and 90ml Eau de Parfum at selected stores worldwide. Come into the amazing world of Boucheron.