Viktor & Rolf Bonbon Pastel


Bonbon is a timeless sensation inviting a pure and absolute pursuit of pleasure.
Seduced by an auto-erotic sensory experience, she who wears Bonbon fragrance, dresses herself in perfume whilst creating her own story. This self-indulgent moment belongs exclusively to her. She is empowered, beautiful and complete.

Bonbon, the famous scent of sweets from fashion house of Viktor & Rolf is revealed in a new light with Bonbon Pastel. Viktor & Rolf Bonbon Pastel is announced as a delicate, fresh, and luminous interpretation of the scent of caramel.





Created by perfumers Cécile Matton and Serge Majoullier, the new fragrance presents itself as still deliciously gourmand, but now with a softer caramel accord, the signature of all the fragrances in the Bonbon collection.

Top: Bergamot, Cardamom, Mandarin, Aqual
Heart: Orange blossom, Neroliwood
Base: Caramel, Sandalwood, Amber, Musk.

Viktor & Rolf Bonbon Pastel opens with essential oils of bergamot spiced with  cardamom, essential oils of mandarin, and a sea accord called Aqual, followed by orange blossom and Neroliwood. The base notes bring a sweet, gourmand caramel note enriched with sandalwood, amber, and musk.



Master craftsmen from renowned Pochet du Courval realized the exceptional one-of-a-kind Bonbon flacon. In the face of extreme technical difficulty, the glass bow was successfully rendered through an uncompromising and groundbreaking patent process. Staying true to silhouette, the contours of the bow’s design were shaded in pink tones with a precise degradé technique. This time; starting dark in the center and becoming clearer towards the edges.

Viktor & Rolf Bonbon Pastel will be presented this summer, and would be available as 50 ml Eau de Toilette. Come into the beautiful world of Viktor & Rolf.





Viktor & Rolf Spicebomb Night Vision


Fashion house Viktor & Rolf, which specialises in creating conceptual and avant-garde designs, was founded in 1993 by Dutch designers Viktor Horsting (born 1969, Geldrop) and Rolf Snoeren (born 1969, Dongen). For more than twenty years Viktor & Rolf have sought to challenge preconceptions of fashion, and bridge the divide between fashion and art. Viktor & Rolf have designed both haute couture ad ready-to-wear collections. The duo is renowned for their avant-garde designs, which rely heavily on theatrical and performative fashion runways. After their graduation in at the famous Arnhem Academy of Art and Design, the pair began working together and relocated to Paris.

Initial collections established the extravagant silhouettes, witty use of materials and irreverent concepts the designers would come to be known for. In 2000, Viktor & Rolf launched their company logo of a wax seal bearing the monogram V&R, and began to devote their artistic talent to ready-to-wear collections. In 2003, the designers launched a Menswear collection which co-existed alongside the women’s line until 2009. In 2015, the designers halted the ready-to-wear production and returned once more to haute couture citing that they wanted to ‘explore the limits of wearability, function and form’. Additionally, like evey respected couture house Viktor & Rolf created some beautiful perfumes: like the female fragrance Flowerbomb (2004) and the male fragrance Antidote (2006), and Spicebomb (launched in 2012), and their flankers.


This month, a new version of the iconic masculine scent from Viktor & Rolf Spicebomb (launched is 2012) will be launched. Viktor & Rolf Spicebomb Night Vision is the first flanker since the Spicebomb Extreme edition from 2015.

Viktor & Rolf Spicebomb Night Vision is all about a classic and elegant aroma, long-lasting and truly seductive. Viktor & Rolf Spicebomb Night Vision is an explosive contrast of green freshness and dark spices. It’s a very sensual fragrance, powerful and alluring, it is designed for night time. Darkness and mystery are new themes that are introduced to the line of this flanker.


The man we envision wearing Spicebomb Night Vision is daring – he is eager to be seen and desired.

Viktor Horsting & Rolf Snoeren


This oriental/fougere composition is created by famous perfumers Nathalie Lorson and Pierre Negrin. Notes of green mandarin, green cardamom, grapefruit and spices are followed by a heart of geranium and sage, on a base of roasted almonds and tonka beans.

Top notes: Green mandarin, Green cardamom, Granny Smith apple, Grapefruit
Heart notes: Geranium, Sage, Nutmeg, Black pepper, Black chili, Clove,
Base notes: Roasted almonds, Tonka bean absolute, Woody notes

Vision Spicebomb amplifies the original Spicebomb message and the innate power of seduction, focusing on the dark, mysterious nuances. The man we associate with Spicebomb Night Vision is brave, he wants to be noticed and desired.


Viktor & Rolf Spicebomb Night Vision is advertised by handsome singer songwriter Jacob Whitesides. Jacob’s raw energy has made him a natural partner of this fragrance. The singer is delighted with this cooperation: “I am happy to announce that I am the new face of Spicebomb! Incredible things coming soon”.


Viktor & Rolf Spicebomb Night Vision comes in a flacon, as the original, in the shape of a handgranade, but this time in an emerald green teint.

Viktor & Rolf Spicebomb Night Vision is available as 50 and 90ml Eau de Toilette.






Ring in the holidays with Flowerbomb’s spectacular limited edition jingle bell gift set.



Christmas holiday is coming and many famous brands launch special holiday limited edition perfume sets. Jingle bells and Christmas mood in already at the doorstep so everyone is in a hurry for the right and good gift set. Well, I consider that a perfume gift is never a bad idea, especially when you know the person’s tastes. For me a perfume is never too much, moreover, I adore them as gifts and would like to have many different perfumes on my shelf.

Ring in the holidays with Flowerbomb’s spectacular limited edition jingle bell gift set.

This winter season comes with a generous collection of outstanding perfume gift sets decorated truly beautiful and eye-catching. For example, the fashion house of Viktor & Rolf presents a distinctive and fabulous Holiday Limited Edition set that embodies the spirit of Christmas through very delicate decoration, but with the same all-time favorite aromas.


An explosion of flowers, Flowerbomb opens with subtle traces of bergamot and mandarin, leading to a heart of an exquisite floral explosion, comprised of sambac jasmine, freesia, centifolia rose, and osmanthus. Deep amber, woody, and patchouli notes combine with warm vanilla and praline notes to complete a truly addictive fragrance.


Viktor & Rolf Flowerbomb Jingle Bell Gift Sett is sealed in a beautiful pink round bottle hiding inside tree brand’s products – more than an ideal Christmas gift. The set contains:

1.7 oz. Flowerbomb Eau de Parfum Spray
1.7 oz. Body Lotion
1.7 oz. Shower Gel

The Viktor & Rolf Flowerbomb Jingle Bell Gift Set, that comes as a Limited Edition, is available at selected stores worldwide.





Viktor & Rolf Bonbon Limited Edition


Indulge in the sweet seduction of the Viktor & Rolf Bonbon Eau de Parfum Spray, a timeless gourmand scent for women with caramel facets. Created by Cecile Matton and Serge Majoullier, this decadent Eau de Parfum is for empowered women. Captivating in her presence, her beauty knows no bounds.

Sugar spun threads of caramel stick to each layer of the composition, enveloping the sparks of mandarin and peach in the introduction. Deep in the candy core, elegant petals of orange blossom intertwine with feminine notes of jasmine, revealing a decadent yet sophisticated twist to this gourmand Eau de Parfum. To form the evocative dry down, glowing amber sweetens the smokey nuances of guaiac wood and cedar. Viktor & Rolf Bonbon is a truly irresistible scent.

Adorning the Limited Edition sculpted bottle and sparkling-gem embellished bows, Viktor & Rolf Bonbon Eau de Parfum by Viktor & Rolf reflects an ageless sensation enticing a real and full love of enjoyment.

Come into the beautiful world of Viktor & Rolf.