Canali Balance, feel better

Italian Olympic fencing champion Daniele Garozzo embodies Canali Balance, thought for dynamic gentlemen who put their own wellness first. 

Canali Balance represents a new direction in men’s tailoring. This range of garments is crafted from high-tech fabrics that are treated with a natural mineral compound. Thanks to this feature, the garments reflect the energy produced by the body in the form of heat, bringing it back to the skin to relax and support men who put wellbeing first. Such as Daniele Garozzo, Olympic fencing champion.

Over 85 years of experience intertwining with the evolution of menswear, and telling the story of a brand that has become a symbol of Made in Italy worldwide.

This technology works best when combined with a balanced lifestyle. Wear Canali Balance, feel better. In the SS22 collection, formal Canali Balance garments are joined by more casual items, such as blousons, t-shirts, shirts, polos and pants. Clean lines, versatile silhouettes and high performance fabric create an arsenal of pieces to combine to help you take on the challenges of everyday life with a renewed sense of style and energy.

The Canali Balance Collection is available at Canali Boutiques and selected stores worldwide. Come into the beautiful world of Canali.