Say yes to love, Yves Rocher Oui a L’Amour L’Eau de Parfum


Yves Rocher Oui a l’Amour L’Eau de Parfum is a limited collector’s edition version of the original perfume infused with a pleasant romantic aura, feminine charms, and a nice declaration of love. In translation, which means ‘Yes to Love’, the new perfume has a uniquely elegant and tempting feeling to get in love at the first spray. Say always yes to love, as it is easier loving. 

Created by Sophie Labbé, Oui a l’Amour is a representation of boldness and passion! It is the unexpected encounter between a sparkling freshness and vibrant sensuality. The crispy notes of the Angelica enhance the natural femininity of the Rose. This resplendent bouquet as if wraps itself into the gentle warmth of the Tonka Bean combined with the elegance of the cedar. Oui a l’Amour is the ally of an everlasting love.


Yves Rocher Oui a l’Amour L’Eau de Parfum is available as 50ml. Limited Edition.