4 Pre-Makeup Boosters

When they say that it takes an army to look good, they are not always referring to a slew of artists. In most cases, it also requires a few secret weapons that help to achieve the perfect glow. We bring you the four amazing boosters you need in your arsenal.

  • Smooth start

Oils used to have such a bad rep for turning skin all greasy and unappealing. But the new generation of products begs to differ. Case in point: the Shiseido Future Solution LX Replenishing Treatment Oil , a silky-smooth formula that not only nourishes, softens and plumps up skin but also gives your complexion a radiant sheen when you mix the oil with your favorite moisturizers or foundations.

Shiseido Future Solution LX Replenishing Treatment Oil.jpg

  • The multi-way wonder

For me the Yves Saint Laurent Or Rouge range is a true holy grail. Lucky, this Yves Saint Laurent Beauté Or Rouge Mask-in-Crème is more affordable than its face cream. Despite its name, it works quite well as an intensive night moisturiser so go do your Math there. Besides working as a luxurious leave-on mask, it also acts as a makeup booster. Apply this gently-scented and saffron-charged formula, rinse off after 15 minutes and then doll up. Your skin will look much more radiant and feel softer under makeup. A new YSL holy grail!

Yves Saint Laurent Beauté Or Rouge Mask-in-Crème

  • Oil up, then doll up

Fancy cosmetics brand M.A.C having an essential oil among its products. I was surprised to come across the M.A.C Prep+Prime Essential Oil. Mix a little of this almost-scentless oil with your liquid foundation to make the latter glide more smoothly and evenly onto skin and also to give your complexion a dewy touch. Your skin will look and feel less parched by mid-day. No wonder that it’s the secret tool of makeup experts.

MAC Prep+Prime Essential Oil

  • A mask-have

Just when you thought that it was sufficient to use a cream or sheet mask every now and then, along comes a mask primer. The newly launched Origins Maskimizer Skin-Optimizing Mask Primer uses a marine algae complex that is known for its ability to retain moisture. When skin is soft and well-hydrated, it is better able to absorb ingredients from your face masks. To further quench skin, the Origins Maskimizer Skin-Optimizing Mask Primer also uses a technology that is reported to help skin bind moisture. And this must come as good news for those of us who have long struggled with spreading clay masks evenly on our faces (and also removing the gunk later) – applying Orgins Maskimizer beforehand is making the job much easier.

Origins Maskimizer Skin-Optimizing Mask Primer