Medik8 Clay Mask Pore Refining Mask


As teenagers we were obsessed with our pores: cleanse, exfoliate with something that will clog the sink, tone, moisturise.  This was the acceptable face, if you will, of face care. Then somebody threw a mask into the mix. Put a whole bunch of strange looking stuff on your face, cover your eyes with cucumber slices and – hey presto – when you wash it off, your face looks better, because it doesn’t have strange looking gloop and cucumbers on it. Well, that was then.

Now ensconced in middle age, my pores are not only refined but have been to finishing school and have acquired the gentle grey pallor of pores that have seen better days. So I like the idea of a mask, not only to recapture my lost youth but also to my me looked slightly flushed and post coital.

This one Clay Mask Pore Refining Mask by Medik8 contains Bentonite and Kaolin; one I know is a clay people ingest in punishing detox regimes in Phuket the other a component of an old popular diarrhoea remedy. Combined with Cranberry fruit extract and Vitamin E, it goes on smoothly, smells lovely and citrusy and leaves a lovely, slightly crusty mask that if nothing else, will alarm your parcel delivery man with hilarious results.

Medik8 Clay Mask Pore Refining Mask.jpg

Medik8 Clay Mask Pore Refining Mask

When washed off, the skin is indeed, more luminous, dewy, and refreshed.  I am a fan. It’s puckered up this dead-eyed city-sick face with a fresh, milk-maid allure. So much so that I am willing to brave the  world without my usual war paint. If you are going for the natural look, and want to smell lovely and clean all day, use this.

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