Woman in Gold By Kilian

By Kilian Woman in Gold & By Kilian Dark Knight Klimt2.jpg

Kilian Hennessy celebrates ten years of existence of his perfume brand By Kilian and presents a new collection called From Dusk till Dawn, inspired by gold and paying hommage to the Austrian symbolist painter Gustav Klimt.

The idea was to play on the contrasts between shadow and light, to express that we are all made of good and bad – but within light and dark there are a myriad of facets. I wanted to achieve this duality with perfume.

Kilian Hennessy

This fall, By Kilian launches the new Collection From Dusk till Dawn, consisting of two glamour and precious perfumes: Woman in Gold and Gold Knight.

By Kilian Woman in Gold & By Kilian Dark Knight

By Kilian Gold Knight for Men

Created by Pascal Gaurin, Gold Knight found it’s inspiration in Gustav Klimt’s Golden Knight painting from 1903. The composition is based on the contrast between freshness and warmth, with honey and anise underlined by bergamot, patchouli and vanilla.

By Kilian Woman in Gold for Women

Created by Calice becker, By Kilian Woman in Gold is a chypre/floral perfume. Woman in Gold opens with a perfectly balanced fresh bergamot notes mixed with floral accords of roses and vanilla absolute. The base delights with a pleasant aroma made of patchouli and akigalawood notes. The scent was inspired by the portrait of Adele Bloch-Bauer, also known as the ‘Austrian Mona Lisa’ or ‘Golden Aldele’.

By Kilian Gold KnightThe Art Nouveau luxurious perfume cases decorated in gold also evoke Klimt’s works and were inspired by the beautiful Byzantine mosaics the Viennese painter saw at the Basilica of Santa Vitale in Ravenna.

By Kilian Woman in Gold is available as 50 and 250ml Eau de Parfum.

Creed White Amber


Creed White Amber0.jpg

Creed presents its new unisex perfume White Amber – an oriental/floral fragrance concept composed by the famous perfumer Olivier Creed. White Amber by Creed is part of the Les Royales Exclusives Collection and is an exquisite, priceless and elegant perfume to delight wearers during the evening or occasional events.

White Amber, Les Royales Exclusives’ latest jewel is a fruity-floral scent featuring a bouquet of fruit, jasmine and benzoin combined with rich amber and Indian sandalwood. White Amber pays homage to golden amber, a precious resinous ingredient long used in jewelry and perfumery. Amber has historically been one of the world’s most highly-prized treasures known for its beauty as well as its healing and life force energies. Crafted from handpicked ingredients by sixth-generation Master Perfumer Olivier Creed, White Amber marks the sixth fragrance in Les Royales Exclusives Collection.

Creed White Amber opens to impress with fruity accords mixed with floral notes of benzoin and jasmine infused with a rich blend of Indian sandalwood, absolute jasmine, amber, and benzoin notes. White Amber perfume is created by the noblest essences and rarest ingredients. 

Top notes: Vanilla, Fruit accord
Heart: Jasmine, Benzoin
Base: Absolute jasmine, Amber, Indian sandalwood

Designed, made and filtered by hand, each exclusive fragrance is presented in a hand-crafted glass bottle by centuries-old Parisian glassmaker, Pochet. Creed White Amber is available as 75 and 250ml Eau de Parfum.

Creed White Amber1




Avon Eve Duet

Avon Eve Duet Eva Mendez Visual2

Cosmetic brand Avon in association with gorgeous actress Eva Mendez launches a new perfume for women Eve Duet. Avon Eve Duet is a perfume with two ends – two fragrances combined in one package that can be used separately or together. Eve Duet perfume is composed of radiant aroma at one of the ends and sensual at the other end.

It’s really an honor to collaborate with a company that has understood and respected women for so many years. I love connecting with women, especially coming from a huge family of women“.

Eva Mendez

Avon Eve Duet opens with fresh clementine and apple blossom notes along with flowery notes of water lily and jasmine calmed on a woody layer made of wood and amber. A truly refreshing, light, and daily perfume with a delightful aroma.


Hollywood actress Eve Mendes is the face of Avon’s latest fragrance launch. As the face of Eve Duet, Avons’s first dual ended fragrance, Eva embodies the courageous, intriguing and ever-changing woman of today. Her unique beauty, combined with her witty, authentic personality, makes the Hollywood actress a perfect partner for Avon and Eve Duet.

I love being creative and experimenting with fashion and make-up, so being able to also express myself freely and celebrate my individuality through a perfume is fun. Scents play a big role in my life and I love experimenting with different combinations of Sensual and Radiant allure to reflect my different moods.

Eve Mendes

The dual ended fragrance has been designed in perfect harmony, meaning you can wear each scent individually or mix them together for a whole new scent, a whole new you.

Avon Eve Duet is available as 50ml Eau de Parfum.




Tom Ford Oud Wood Intense


American designer Tom is delighting its wearers with one more thrilling and luxurious masculine fragrance, Oud Wood Intense. Tom Ford Oud Wood Intense is the new flanker to Oud Wood perfume, created in 2007, that comes in a more concentration and intense formulation, but still, preserving the oud note in its composition means that it will also be an exquisite and eponymous new perfume.

Tom Ford Oud Wood Intense has a rich concentration of oud note along with elegant and lovely notes of angelica root, ginger, juniper as well as cypress, and castoreum accords.

Tom Ford Oud Wood Intense is available as 50 and 250ml Eau de Parfum.


Tom Ford Oud Wood Intense




Boucheron Quatre Absolu de Nuit


A new Boucheron fragrance is aways very exiting! Introducing the Boucheron Quatre fragrance for Woman in 2015, created by Nathalie Gracia-Cetto, was modern and daring olfactory interpretation of the Maison Boucheron’s iconic Quatre ring. Strongly assertive and contemporary, it reveals the strenght of character of those who wear it.

After last years Quatre Intense, Maison Boucheron is celebrating a new evening version, even more sophisticated. Quatre Absolu de Nuit, is the olfactory interpretation of the modern and bold iconic ring Boucheron is shrouded in mystery.


Boucheron Quatre Absolu de Nuit for Men

Quatre Absolu de Nuit for Men: a woody-oriental Eau de Parfum, both mysterious and vibrant, sublimated by clary sage, black pepper and Atlas cedar notes. Quatre Absolu de Nuit for men is a fragrance that we owe to the perfumer Jacques Huclier, a well-known designer from the great Maison Givaudan.

The latter chose to dare bold biases and assembled several diametrically opposed ingredients. He started the scent of Quatre Absolue de Nuit for Men by Italian lemon, a fresh and citrus ingredient, combined with more aromatic flavors of sage and lavender, two great classics of men’s perfumery. Nevertheless, this initial freshness is quickly counterbalanced by vibrant, charismatic and spicy notes of patchouli, black pepper and nutmeg. Thus, the initial clarity of this perfume is quickly associated with the incandescence of spices. The whole thing ends up being won by more masculinity. A woody trail of cedar, vetiver and vanilla prevails, creating the addiction of a simple breath.


Boucheron Quatre Absolu de Nuit for Women

Signed by perfumer Nathalie Gracia-Cetto, a very famous nose of the house Givaudan, Quatre Absolu de Nuit for Women: a floriental Eau de Pafum, both sensual and captivating, sublimated by bergamot, pear in syrup and vanilla notes. This one has chosen to work around exceptional raw materials and assembled them with extreme minutia, as could the best jewelers of the house Boucheron.

The whole is flying over a citrus freshness dominated by the presence of bergamot from Italy. Pink berries counterbalance this sensation by more heat while the whole is immediately coated with bitter almond. The gourmandise of Quatre Absolu de Nuit for Women is then relayed by a heart more fruity and floral, assembling jasmine and juicy pear. Finally, a more enveloping and delicate background takes over. Tonka bean is associated with amber woods as well as vanilla and sandalwood. The result is a terribly tempting, gourmand and irresistible perfume.

Boucheron Quatre Absolu de Nuit Pour Homme Pour Femme




Christina Aguilera Definition

Christina Aguilera perfume GIF

Famous singer, with a golden voice, Christina Aguilera launches a new stunning perfume for women, Definition. The new fragrance, Christina Aguilera Definition symbolizes a strong, powerful woman with priorities and confidence. It is described as an oriental/floral perfume ideally combined with fresh citrusy notes.

Top notes: Italian mandarin, Mountain rose apple, Sicilian Bergamot
Heart notes: Diamond orchid, Vanilla orchid
Base notes: Grey amber, Heliotrope, Hinoki wood

Christina Aguilera Definition opens with Sicilian bergamot, Italian mandarin, Mountain Rose apple along with floral accords of vanilla orchid and diamond orchid notes. The base calms with wood, gray amber, and heliotrope notes. It is a beautiful daily fragrance with a pleasant aroma.

Christina Aguilera Definition is available as 40 and 50ml Eau de Parfum.


Christina Aguilera Definition




Baldessarini Ambre Oud

Baldessarini Ambre Oud1.jpg

Baldessarini introduces a new precious masculine fragrance Ambre Oud. The oud note in a perfume symbolizes its priceless attitude, a breathtaking and a long-lasting aroma. I adore fragrances that blend oud, but because they are too expensive I can smell them only in airports. Baldessarini crafts sophisticated, elegant, yet classic perfumes that evoke and awaken temptations.

Baldessarini Ambre Oud is the new modern interpretation of the famous Baldessarini Ambre from 2007, that aims more at the younger generation, is more elegant but not overwhelming. For the first time in the brand’s history, Ambre Oud comes as an Eau de Parfum concentration.

Baldessarini Ambre Oud2

The new perfume gets its inspiration from the warm and intense smell of the whiskey oak barrels, thus inspiring a manly-man scent with high-end notes. It opens with fresh apple notes along with whiskey oak barrels mixed with precious oud notes, leather and patchouli. The base calms with amber, oak and labdanum accords leaving a bitter/smokey layer behind.

Baldessarini Ambre Oud is available in 90ml Eau de Parfum.