Technical Studio TS-07


French Technical Studio designs and builds dream car for individuals. They develop technologies which permits to put on the road a car specifically designed for a single customer as the architect who designs the house dreamed by his client. Technical studio fuses hand-crafted tradition and technologies.

Today they launch an exclusive sports car tailored for individuals, the TS-07 is a hand-crafted sport cars that combines high performance, agility and exclusivity. The TS-07 has been designed by Gregory Gambara  who worked with several French car manufacturers (like Heuliez and Renault) during more than 15 years. He is currently consultant for automotive projects.


The Technical Studio TS-07 uses sophisticated materials such as lightweight alloys for the chassis and advanced composites for the body.  It is one of the original aspect of the TS-07. It is in aluminium alloy, It consists of thin sheets shaped and mechanically welded. It gives an excellent compromise between weight and rigidity, at the same time ensuring an ability to absorb frontal and lateral impact.

It comprises in the forward part an impressive crash box for frontal impacts ,which integrates the coolant radiators. The chassis has been tested on tracks with different engines. The Technical Studio TS-07 is available with 4 or 6 cylinders and 8 cylinders engines.


The Technical Studio TS-07 was twenty months in development to achieve the best quality level.  To develop the TS-07, techcnical studio combines 21st century technologies as Computer Assisted Design or fast prototyping system with understated elegance and craftsmanship.

Technical Studio wishes to establish privileged relations with each cars and each owner. In order to keep the exclusive character of the TS-07, they will produce only twelve cars.




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