Codex introduces Bia Collection


Codex Beauty, a global clean beauty skincare company, today announced the launch of Bia, its first product line. In August 2018, Codex Beauty acquired Bia from Ireland-based herbal scientist Tracey Ryan, who partners with expert formulators and scientists to create effective, pure skin care solutions for customers seeking products with natural ingredients. With its traditional roots, Bia pays tribute to Ireland’s local herbalists and their expert knowledge of therapeutic plants.

Bia products are made from the purest, most time-tested ingredients on the planet, providing tangible results with clean product profiles.

Tracey Ryan, Europe Director & Master Formulator at Codex Beauty.

Unique to Bia is the patent pending BiaComplex™, a deeply nourishing and hydrating blend of macerated oil infusions used as a base for products in place of water. The Bia collection is an essential, unisex collection designed for holistic facial care: for cleaning, moisturizing and protecting the skin, in order to achieve an overall healthy and radiant appearance. Products include:

BIA product line

Bia Exfoliating Wash: A multi-purpose cleanser to exfoliate, tone and polish skin.
Bia Day Cream: A facial staple to restore and hydrate skin.
Bia Skin Superfood: An intensely reparative treatment cream to nourish, firm and intensely hydrate skin.
Bia Eye Gel Cream: An instantly cooling treatment to tighten, brighten and revitalize the eyes.
Bia Facial Oil: A daily vitamin dry oil to help repair, rejuvenate and strengthen skin.

Bia products utilize the latest advancements in biotechnology and green chemistry to produce formulas with quantifiable, scientific results, as well as Codex Beauty’s patent pending, plant-based preservative system, which is completely free of chemicals and supports skin health. Bia products also feature airless containers wherever possible as a secondary barrier to further maximize product safety and shelf life.

The Codex Bia collection is available online. Come into the beautiful world of Codex Beauty.




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