La Prairie Skin Caviar Eye Lift



Swiss beauty brand La Prairie’s orgins date back to 1931. La Prairie combines science, art, and luxury to create extravagant skin care products for ageless beauty. Since 1991, La Prairie brand is owned by Beiersdorf AG, which is a German personal care company based in Hamburg. Its origins can be traced back to the historical La Prairie Clinic in Montreux, Switzerland – a pioneer in anti-aging cellular therapy. Most of the products of this brand are based on a proprietary complex that protects the skin from aging and environmental damage – the Exclusive Cellular Complex.

La Prairie tames its four rare ingredients – gold, platinum, caviar, white caviar – to pay homage to timeless beauty.

In its latest creation, La Prairie explores the emotional, powerful, and defining quality of the gaze. The latest product innovation is the Skin Caviar Eye Lift, the first eye-opening serum for the entire eye area, including brows.


Believe it or not, we blink on average 10,000 times a day. This is why the delicate skin around the eye displays the first and most signs of aging: sagging eyelids and brows, loss of elasticity, lines and wrinkles. Skin Caviar Eye Lift is a powerful combo of two formulas, enriched with the latest caviar innovation – Caviar Primer and La Prairie’s exclusive Cellular Complex – designed to give life and energy back to the cells and restore the youthful appearance.

What if the quest to recapture time was not only about adding years to life, but adding life to years?

La Prairie claims that the results are simply unprecedented. The results of the study found that with regular use, over time, the eyes opened while the eye contours and brows appear redefined. The upper lids look tightened, while the crow’s feet appear visibly reduced. Lower lids appear smoothed and under-eye bags and puffiness look diminished. In a nutshell, the complete eye area is lifted and firmed, the gaze is raised, revived, and reawakened.


The Skin Caviar Eye Lift arrives in a duo-chamber bottle that reveals both formulas – one encapsulated in caviar beads, and the other in an innovative tourmaline-pink gel-cream emulsion.

La Prairie’s age-defying, life-infusing science signature. A closely held secret for nearly four decades.

The formulas freshly blend with a press of the activating pump, forming a nice, melting and refreshing fluid. The blending mechanism releases a single dose of the soothing treatment that prepares the area for the treatments to follow.


For the complete Skin Caviar ritual, Skin Caviar Eye Lift should be used along with Skin Caviar Luxe Cream. The Eye Lift will be introduced in August 2019.

Come into the beautiful and wonderful world of La Prairie.





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