Narciso Rodriguez Oriental Musc Hair Mist


Lightly infused with fragrance, Oriental Hair Mist is a blend of sleek innovation and sensuality. The mist polishes hair with a lustrous shine while heightening the enigmatic nature of the fragrance. Worn alone, the Oriental Hair Mistprovides a discreet veil of mystery. 

My intention is to produce scents that capture a profound sensuality and a discreet luxury using precious ingredients.

Narciso Rodriguez

When worn with fragrances from the Oriental Musc Editions, the Oriental hair mist becomes more magical and most memorable, leaving a sensual and addictive trail.  Add one oriental musc fragrance and the mist will leave an intoxicating trail… add two or more, the hair mist will leave a trail that’s simply sublime. 

Narciso Rodriguez Oriental Musc Hair Mist is available in a 30ml spray flacon. Come into the beautiful world of Narciso Rodriguez.





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