Nicole Polizzi Snooki Couture Perfume

Nicole Polizzi Snooki Couture Bottle

Nicole Polizzi aka Snooki star of the reality tv-show Jersey Shore, launches her second fragrance in a row this month (the first one, Snooki, was realesed last year). Her new perfume is calles Snooki Couture and will come as a limited edition. Nicole Polizzi Snooki Couture is said to be as ‘genuine and authentic as Snooki herself  – fresh and feminine with a playful sexiness’. Thanks to its bright and modern design, Snooki Couture will be girl’s favorite accessory. It comes in a luminous colorful bottle adorned with a light green color flower – inspiring femininity and a girlish glamor style.

Nicole Polizzi Snooki Couture opens with Meyer lemon and Fuji apple blossom notes along with pink honeysuckle accords. The base warms with cashmere wood and musky notes.

Nicole Polizzi Snooki Couture will be available as 100 ml Eau de Parfum.






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