Maison Dorin Versailles Collection


Drawing inspiration straight from the very history of the House of Dorin, this new collection harks back to the heady end of the 18th century when the firm was officially recognized as a supplier of face powders and foundation make up to the royal court. The firm pledged always to remain true to the needs of its royal clients, an ethos that has guided it down through the ages.

This range of olfactory sensations was devised to recreate a majestic and intimate experience, each retelling a different story about the history of the firm. Each fragrance is available as both a scent and a scented candle. Beautiful and prestigious decorative objects, these two incarnations are perfect as gifts, either for other people or for oneself. Take a beautiful olfactory journey through the golden age of Palace of Versailles.


As you would expect from Maison Dorin creations, this collection is manufactured in France from high-quality natural materials, each bearing witness to our know-how, authenticity and faultless quality control.

Dorin Versailles 1780

If ever a scent represented the values of Maison Dorin, it truly is ‘Versailles 1780’ – a beautifully subtle fragrance including powder notes and paying homage to that most crucial date in French history, 1780, the year in which Maison Dorin was named official supplier of face powder and make-up to the Royal Court at Versailles. Everything about this scent is redolent of French refinement and sophistication. A sensational, delicate and refined fragrance combining the powdery scent of violet, sweet almondy and peachy notes, along with a slight splash of lipstick

Dorin Le Boudoir Turc

In 1777, King Louis 16th had a beautiful little chamber decorated as a gift for Queen Marie-Antoinette in 1777. Intended as a space for resting and thinking, or indeed as a bachelor flat according to some historians, the Turkish boudoir is a fascinating room, blending the classical French style of the time with oriental pieces. A refined and scented aroma in which the exotic notes of jasmine and vanilla mingle with floral, powdery notes representing Marie-Antoinette’s tastes.

Dorin Les Jardin des Château

As its name suggests, this floral and woody fragrance invites you to wander around the palace’s famous French style gardens created by André Le Nôtre, gardener to King Louis 14th. These masterpieces, cutting edge at the time, fascinated and inspired the world by their splendour and symmetry. A walk through the greenery of the Palace of Versailles, where a gentle breeze blends with the sharp scent of mown grass, the coolness of the fountains, the burgeoning scent of tuberosa and orange flower, mingled with the tropical heat of vetiver.

Dorin Figue Divine

An import from the Far East, the fig has prospered around the Mediterranean since the dawn of time. King Louis 14th adored figs so much that he ordered hundreds of trees to be planted in the palace gardens before it was even fully built. A respectful, calm fragrance, placing the fig centre stage whilst delivering the sweetness of the sap, the clean green of the leaves and the deliciously sweet taste of the fruit.


Each fragrance is available as a 100 and 200ml Perfume, a scented candle and a home perfume. Beautiful and prestigious decorative objects, these three incarnations are perfect as gifts, either for other people or for oneself. Take a beautiful olfactory journey through the golden age of Palace of Versailles.

Come into the beautiful world of Maison Dorin





Mugler Angel Iced Star Collector


Angel is a new creation born of Thierry Mugler’s childhood memories. Angel embodies the most desirable woman.

The famous Angel perfume launched by French fashion desgner Thierry Mugler in 1992, is still is one of the eponymous and timeless classic feminine perfumes. Since then, many Angel editions were launched and this year, Mugler Angel Iced Star Collector appears as a new limited edition perfume. This time, the legendary Angel perfume turns into a frosty/iced perfume with an oriental/gourmand aroma – not so different from the original version. 

Angel captivates with its myriad facets:
– Celestial facet: bergamot
– Delicious facet: red berries
– Voluptuous facet: vanilla/patchouli

Top notes: Jamine, Bergamot, Mandarin, Coconut
Heart notes: Red berries, Pineapple
Base notes: Vanilla, Patchouli, Caraway

The legendary fragrance Angel by Thierry Mugler turns into a frosty star. Marvel at this scintillating bottle gleaming with the excitement and magic of the holidays. Like a snowflake, the star is of a pristine pearly white with captivating shades of Angel blue. Feel the exhilaration of your Angel fragrance with the refillable Eau de Parfum spray.

Mugler Angel Iced Star Collector is created by perfumers Olivier Cresp and Yves de Chirin, and is available as limited edition 25ml Eau de Parfum.  


Yves Saint Laurent Black Opium Gold Attraction


This year, and special for the winter holidays, French fashion house Yves Saint Laurent launches a new pair of limited edition perfumes. The fragrances Black Opium and Mon Paris are presented preserve the original shapes, yet decorated with golden sparkling logos to add a touch of glamour and holiday mood.

Yves Saint Laurent Black Opium Gold Attraction Edition

Yves Saint Laurent Black Opium Gold Attraction Edition is described to be ‘an addictive gourmand of black coffee, white florals, and vanilla’. The new edition is all about an energetic morning coffee next to aromatic flowers.

A highly addictive feminine fragrance from Yves Saint Laurent. Fascinating and seductively intoxicating, the opening notes of adrenaline-rich coffee and the sweet sensuality of vanilla recline into the softness of white flowers for a modern, young, and vibrant interpretation of addiction.

Created by famous perfumers Nathalie Lorson, Olivier Cresp and Honorine Blanc, Yves Saint Laurent Black Opium Gold Attraction Edition opens to impress with a glamour spirit of fresh tangerine, pear notes along with floral accords of orange blossom and jasmine. The base seduces with a nice entrance of coffee aroma mixed with cedar, patchouli, and sweet vanilla.  



An exciting twist on the original, the Black Opium Gold Attraction Edition features a matte black bottle with the YSL logo made of golden shimmer.

Yves Saint Laurent Black Opium Gold Attraction Edition is available as 50ml Eau de Parfum. 

Yves Saint Laurent Mon Paris Gold Attraction Edition

Created by perfumers Olivier Cresp, Harry Fremont and Dora Baghrice, exotic white blossom of Datura, pink pepper and pear, creamy white musk and patchouli aim to conjure a passionate and unforgettable journey to ‘the city of light’ Paris, and the love story that happend there.

Yves-Saint-Laurent-Mon-Paris-Gold-Attraction-Edition-Flacon.jpgThe sparkling, fruity white chypre scent from Yves Saint Laurent, inspired by Paris, the city of Romance now comes in the Mon Paris Gold Attraction Edition flacon adorned with a golden, glittering YSL logo broche and a black Lavallière that is ‘inspired by the modern allure and the edgy couture style of the Yves Saint Laurent woman.

Yves Saint Laurent Mon Paris Gold Attraction Edition is available as 50ml Eau de Parfum. 






Carven Dans Ma Bulle



Since 1945, French Maison Carven has been making timeless, enchanting perfumes for women and men. Being inspired by the history of the brand and its DNA, Carven Parfums opens a new chapter based on elegance and simplicity.

More than 70 years after the iconic; ‘Ma Griffe’ and ‘Vétiver’ perfumes were released, fashion house Carven is impressing us once again with its intoxicating charm and stylish spirited perfumes. And the olfactive adventure continues with the new woman fragrance ‘Dans Ma Bulle’, a blend of freshness, fantasy and sensuality.


One hundred years ago, equality between men and women was a mythical idea, or simply utopian. The suffragist movement had just appeared, an irreversible tendency was revealed timidly. Today women are free, independent, confident. They are business women, political women. They are beautiful, famous and loved all over the world. Does anyone have any idea who is leading the world? In my Bubble is addressed to these women of today, to the free and emancipated girls, to the uninhibited and relaxed girls.

Sweet, elegant, modern, delicate, natural, sensual, fresh, joyful… The Carven girl is all this at once. That’s what makes her unforgettable. In her eyes, we dive into her world, her Carven bubble.

The new fragrance embodies all these values and invites to share them in its bubble, the Carven perfume bubble. French Maison Carven’s new perfume Dans Ma Bulle is an invitation to live and share in the world of the Carven girl. This fragrance offers a new addiction, a concentrate of freshness, fantasy and sensuality. For curious and daring girls, knowing how to mix Parisian chic and relaxation.


In my Bubble is the work of a trio of perfumers Patricia Choux, Violaine Collas and Véronique Nyberg for the French perfumery company Mane. While the original composition may surprise, it remains in the tradition of Carven perfumes, very feminine fragrances that move away from mainstream marketing.

Top notes: Peony, Litchi Rose
Heart notes: Sambac jasmine, Heliotrope, Almond
Base notes: Vanilla, Sandalwood, Patchouli

A floral, oriental and powdery bubble that starts with notes of lychee, rose, tangerine, orange and peony. The floral heart has the unique addictive quality of the sugared Almond Accord combined with solar Heliotrope enhances the ultra femininity of Jasmine sambac. Patchouli, mesmerizing Vanilla and Sandalwood enrich the floral heart note in an elegant sensuality and orientalise the fragrance.


Dans Ma Bulle is a bubble of glass that preciously guards a bubble of juice. By incorporating the brand’s iconic symbols, this perfume is the perfect example of the Carven signature: the blending of styles. The slightly disproportionate cap brings modernity to the clean, classic lines of the bottle.

The new Carven perfume is also perfectly embodied in its flacon, a fragrant cloud in a glass bowl surmounted by a bubble symbolizing a globe, the world of Carven girls.

Serge Ruffieux, artistic director of Maison Carven since 2017, trusted Marie Schuller, both photographer and director, to carry out the communication campaign. The Dutch supermodel Ammi Garritsen was chosen to embody the perfume In my Bubble. A sober and stylish communication.


Carven Dans Ma Bulle is available in three sizes, as 30, 50 and 100ml Eau de Parfum and matching body products, like 200ml Shower gel, a perfumed gel that becomes a rich foam that cleanses and perfumes the skin gently. A 200ml bodylotion, applied after a bath or shower, it leaves the skin hydrated, smooth, supple and delicately scented. And a 100ml Deodorant Spray. Fresh and light, this deodorant deposits a fragrant mist on the skin. Associated with the Eau de Parfum, it helps to intensify and prolong the sillage of the fragrance.






Guerlain L’Abeille Eternelle 190th Anniversary






Baccarat and Guerlain, two iconic names. Since they were founded, the two French Maison’s have shared a passion for beautiful objects and the desire to keep unique know- how alive. To embody the perfumer’s inspiration, Baccarat has taken an incredibly ingenious approach and created extraordinary flacons for Guerlain, some of which are real technological feats. From the voluptuous Quadrilobé bottle dedicated to Jicky to the revolutionary Shalimar, these symbolic flacons have beautifully enhanced Guerlain’s fragrance creations, helping to give these fragrances iconic status.

To celebrate its 190th anniversary, Guerlain has joined forces with Baccarat to create a spectacular exceptional piece.

The celebration of Maison Guerlain’s 190th Anniversary, the pencil of the Place Vendôme jeweller Lorenz Bäumer has created a masterful design that beautifully enhances the Maison’s icon: faceted like a diamond, a majestic bee levitates in a crystal cell in pure, clear lines whose flanks a ridged with wild grass.

Nathalie Blaise, Chevalier des Arts et des Lettres, is a modeller: with her expert hands, she creates a plaster model of the bottle – Lorenz Bäumer’s sketch comes to life in three dimensions. This model makes it possible to produce the mould into which the hot crystal will be poured. Each Baccarat crystal bottle has been designed, shaped, cut and polished to perfection by expert artisans, using a mixture of traditional and innovative glassmaking techniques.


For this exceptional anniversary, Guerlain’s in-house Master Perfumer Thierry Wasser has created a fragrance by way of celebration. Like its bottle pairing heritage -based know-how with innovative craftsmanship, it combines – in an unprecedented Double Absolute concentration – contemporary top notes of orange, orange blossom and almond with a more traditional Guerlinade in the base notes, featuring benzoin tincture, sandalwood and ylang-ylang, creating a fragrance with hidden depths to its score.

For the true collectors, the Guerlain L’Abeille Eternelle 190th Anniversary by Baccarat is available exclusively in Guerlain boutiques and Harrods.





Precious piece of art, Alexandre.J Liyoli



Alexandre.J, creative French designer and in touch with everything, launches his eponymous brand of perfumes in 2012. He frees himself from the codes of the traditional perfumery to propose his vision of the Beautiful: the alliance of luxurious packaging and exceptional fragrances. Alexandre.J reinvents the notion of fragrance by turning it into an object of luxury.

An architect of materialsand the senses, Alexandre.J makes unusual use of exeptional materials. He sculpts them, pushing the limits of creation to give live to objects that arouse emotions.

His multi-cultural inspirations are reflected in his creative process: mother-of-pearl bottle, glass paste, enamel medallion, pearl ornaments … Architect of materials and senses, Alexandre.J refuses compromise and gives life to objects that arouse emotion.

Surrounded by the new generation of Parisian perfumers, Alexandre.J focuses on working only Eaux de Parfum. The raw materials used are sourced around the world, to offer a rich and surprising olfactory palette. Alexandre.J proposes identity juices, elaborated in such a way that each note makes the perfume coherent. Its olfactory signature: the elegant intensity of the first notes.


Alexandre.J Liyoli

The French Maison presents three new fragrances: Pure Art, Heaven and Liyoli within the Ultimate Collection.

Liyoli is a fragrance inspired by the legend of Boreas, the god of Ice that frozen all the flowers to deny other gods for that pleasure. Flowers turned into diamonds with shap edges. A long, long, long ago, nature was in the hand of the Gods and sufferd their epic battles.

Boreas, the God of ice, froze the flowers in an icy armor to hold their delights captive. Touched by his breath, the fragile petals were transformed into diamonds with sharp brittle edges. Beautiful for all eternity but lacking its essence, nature was a sparkling wonderland.



The Sun God up in the heavens loved to smell the sweet fragrance of roses that floated up to him. He was furious when he realized what Boreas had done and sent two of his sunbeams to warm the earth. The ice melted and the flowers shook of their petals, releasing rose water that was gathered in Liyoli. Between ice and fire, the rose has given its essence to the heart of Liyoli.

Top notes: Grapefruit
Heart notes: Jasmine, Peony, Pear
Base notes: Violet, Wood, Cedarwood, Sandalwood, Vanilla, Musk

Mellow as a pear, silky as a cloud of petals, Liyoli is a round, musky essence. The white rose, the star of this elegant fragrance, is illuminated by the slightly tart rays of Yuzu.



The flacon of Alexandre.J Liyoli is something special, a piece of art, a true collectors item, made of Pâte de Verre. Pâte de Verre is an exceptional process for unique objects.

Pâte de Verre is a form of Glass casting, a process in which glass objects are cast by directing molten glass into a mould where it solidifies. The technique has been used since the ancient Egyptian period. Modern cast glass is formed by a variety of processes such as kiln casting, or casting into sand, graphite or metal moulds


Kiln casting involves the preparation of a mould which is often made of a mixture of plaster and refractory materials such as silica. A model can be made from any solid material, such as wax, wood, or metal, and after taking a cast of the model (a process called investment) the model is removed from the mould. One method of forming a mould is by the Cire perdue or ‘lost wax’ method.

Using this method, a model can be made from wax and after investment the wax can be steamed or burned away in a kiln, forming a cavity. The heat resistant mould is then placed in a kiln equipped with a funnel-like opening filled with solid glass granules or lumps. The kiln is heated to between 800 °C (1,470 °F) and 1,000 °C (1,830 °F), and as the glass melts it runs into and fills the mould.


Pâte de Verre is a form of kiln casting and literally translated means glass paste. In this process, finely crushed glass is mixed with a binding material, such as a mixture of Arabic gum and water, and often with colourants and enamels. The resultant paste is applied to the inner surface of a negative mould forming a coating.

The nature inspires glass masters who use petals or foliage to create their design. Collecting the silicone at first, plants give to the mould their delicate forms. Then the molten glass and the sprinkled pigments slip into the pattern. The power of the fire melts them slowly. 20 days after firing (860°C), the craftsman breaks the mould to reveal the exact replica of nature; crystallized to last forever.

After the coated mould is fired at the appropriate temperature the glass is fused creating a hollow object that can have thick or thin walls depending on the thickness of the Pâte de Verre layers. Crystal manufacturer Daum is a French Maison that is famous for their very highly sculptural pieces in Pâte de Verre.

Come into the beautiful world of Alexandre.J 







XerJoff Shooting Stars Allende


The XerJoff brand was launched by Sergio Momo with the aim of blending the most luxurious materials to complement the most affluent global lifestyles. Distinctive fragrances composed of the finest ingredients, in exquisite packaging.

In 1947, an awe-inspiring shower of meteorites fell to earth in Eastern Siberia, beyond the foothills of the Sikhote-Alin mountains. Each fragrance in the Shooting Stars collection has been chosen to reflect the special nature of this event: a real meteorite fragment from this fall has been placed in each gift box together with the perfume flacon itself, crowned with a gold plated stopper.


XerJoff Allende is an intense sweet-gourmand perfume created to please both men and women with a strong longevity. It is an elegant perfume composed around Madagascar vanilla. XerJoff Allende was created to satisfy the taste of vanilla lovers. However, this vanilla is dry, without its usual strong sweetness, smooth and lusious. her relaxedness is reflected with a blend of floral magnolia aromas, and a gourmand cocoa chord, which also does not allow much sweetness, but makes the composition darker and powdery.

Top notes: Madagascar vanilla, Magnolia
Heart notes: Madagascar vanilla, Cocoa
Base notes: Madagascar vanilla

The opening notes of the composition offer a combination of Madagascar vanilla and magnolia flower; in the heart resonates the sophisticated gourmand dance of Madagascar vanilla and gourmand chocolate cocoa aroma, while the base notes leave a soft trail of Madagacar Vanilla. It has a dark, yet powdery composition to fully satisfied even the most pretentious wearers.

XerJoff Shooting Stars Allende is available in 50ml Parfum priced at 235 euros. 

Come into the wonderful world of Xerjoff.