Bois 1920 Rosa di Filare


Bois 2012 ROSA-DI-FILARE1_spo

Bois 1920 fills up its Le Voluttuose collection with a new perfume Rosa di Filare. The new perfume is described as an eternal symphony of deep romantic feelings and emotions.

Bois 1920 Rosa di Filare fascinates and impresses with opening notes of bergamot, mandarin and lychee along with touches of roses, lily of the valley silent rustle immersed in an atmosphere of comfort and secret desires. The base is made in the Italian tradition with iris and patchouli that glow and flash. Rosa di Filare is one of those romantic and passionate perfumes that will be always appreciated and noticed!

Rosa di Filare is full of love and admiration – a delicate and elegant perfume with mysterious and secret desires. Bois 1920 Rosa di Filare is available as 100ml. Eau de Parfum.




Thierry Mugler Les Exceptions Wonder Bouquet

Thierry Mugler Les Exceptions Wonder Bouquet Visual.jpg

Thierry Mugler is always delighting and pleasing its wearers with exclusive designs and deep lingering sensuality. This winter, Thierry Mugler fills up its haute parfumerie collection Les Exceptions, first launched in 2014, with a new tempting perfume for the most demanding wearers.

The offbeat bakery dimension, over a classical floral structure, comes as a surprise. More than an Unexpected guest, bran, with its warm bread accents, is very important to the construction of the fragrance.

Jean-Christophe Herault

Created by famous perfumer Jean-Christophe Herault, Thierry Mugler Les Exceptions Wonder Bouquet is a new perfume designed to please both men and women with its sweet/floral aromatic aroma that will instantly captivate.

Thierry Mugler Les Exceptions Wonder Bouquet Flacon Box

It opens with fresh notes of tangerine, orange along with floral notes of lily-of-the-valley, roses, jasmine sambac, orange blossom and tuberose. The base calms on a sweet layer made of vanilla, beeswax, hazelnut, and cashmeran.

Top notes:  Lily-of-the-Valley, Tangerine, Shiso leaf, Petitgrain, Orange
Heart: Brioche Tuberose, Jasmine sambac, Roses, Orange blossom
Base: Cashmeran, Hazelnut, Beeswax, Vanilla

As the name of the perfume inspires, and as we observe the notes he used, we will definitely say that he has created a ‘wonder’ new perfume that proves its uniqueness and luxury style.

Thierry Mugler Les Exceptions Wonder Bouquet is available as 80ml Eau de Parfum for 150 euro.

Thierry Mugler Les Exceptions Wonder Bouquet Flacon




Stella McCartney Stella Peony

Stella McCartney Stella Peony Visual

UK fashion designer Stella McCartney launches a new perfume for women with an arresting and beautiful aroma named Stella Peony. Stella McCartney Stella Peony is an elegant and truly sophisticated perfume made of elegant flowers to please women during the whole day.

Peonies are one of the most beautiful flowers in the world. Their scent has a rose-like quality, but with more greenness, more earthiness and an airy sensuality that I adore.

Stella McCartney

Stella McCartney Stella Peony is composed by famous French perfumer Alberto Morillas as a delicate and feminine fragrance that radiates a warm and sensual feeling. As the name of the perfume inspires, Stella Peony is all about a tempting perfume composed around peony note that cares a precious moment yet to be lived. Stella McCartney says is “feminine, delicate, luxurious and among the most beautiful flowers in the world”. American fashion model Arizona Muse is the face of this new perfume.

Top notes: Freesia, Lotus, Mandarin orange
Heart: Pink peony, Geranium
Base: Amber, Patchouli

Stella McCartney Stella Peony opens with fresh mandarin notes along with floral accords of lotus, freesia and gorgeous pink peony. The base calms on a woody layer made of amber and patchouli.

Stella McCartney Stella Peony is available as 30, 50 and 100ml. Eau de Toilette.

Stella McCartney Stella Peony Flacon




Pantheon Roma Così Blu


Italian perfume house Pantheon Roma launches a new perfume for women Così Blu that comes in a gorgeous blue color design. The stunning blue bottle is inspired by the famous Italian painter Raffaello – inspiring a peaceful, soft aroma that symbolizes Divinity. Pantheon Roma Così Blu has a rich-intense, exclusive and delicate composition made of rare ingredients. This exciting and feminine perfume is so captivating and unusual that will make a woman constantly feel a whirlwind of emotions.

Top notes: Absinthe, Strawberry, Cinnamon, Nutmeg
Heart: Jasmine, Roses, Loly-of-the- Valley, Magnolia
Base: Sandelwood, Cedarwood, Civet, Castoreum, Ambergris, Benzoin, Frankincense, Vanilla, White musk

The creation of the fragrance, entrusted to the very expert hands of Arturetto Landi, encompasses very fresh notes and incenses placed on a lightly gourmand carpet and on a base of an exquisite white musk. Pantheon Roma Così Blu is a warm spicy/woody/floral perfume that has quickly become a sensation thanks to its warm and deliciously entrancing notes of sourly/sweet strawberry mixed with spices. Cinnamon bark, nutmeg and vanilla are infused with floral accords of roses, magnolia, and lily of the valley calmed on the woody layer made of white musk, sandalwood, cedarwood, benzoin, ambergris and civet notes.

Pantheon Roma Così Blu

Hence, Così Blu is dedicated to whom want to discover things and get to the bottom of them and, in particular, to whom is never tired, just never, of ‘smelling the sky’.

Pantheon Roma Così Blu is available as 50 and a 100ml Extrait de Parfum.






Versace Pour Femme Dylan Blue

Versace Pour Femme Dylan Blue Banner.jpg

Italian fashion house Versace launches a new perfume for women Pour Femme Dylan Blue with a stunning design to quickly catch the eye as well as to warm any woman’s heart. Versace is always delighting its wearers with intense, tempting and daring aromas as well as gorgeous feminine design. Pour Femme Dylan Blue is the counterpart to successful and handsome Dylan Blue Pour Homme.

Dylan Blue pour Femme is my tribute to femininity. So I created a strong, sensuous yet refined fragrance for a woman who knows her own power.

Donatella Versace

Versace Pour Femme Dylan Blue is described as a fruity/floral perfume mixed with woody notes. This new innovative perfume with a beautiful design opens to impress with delicious top notes of Blackcurrant sorbet, Granny Smith apple, Peach ice along with floral accords of Clover, Forget-Me-Not, Jasmine, Eglantine rose, spicy green Givaudan molecule Shisolia®, and the Givaudan molecules Pétalia® and Rosyfolia®. The base seduces with woody notes made of Musk, Patchouli, Styrax and Woody notes.

Top notes: Forget-Me-Not, Black currant sorbet, Clover, Granny Smith, Shisolia
Heart: Jasmine, Eglantine rose, Petalia, Rosyfolia, Peach ice
Base: Musk, Patchouili Couer, Styrax, Wood notes

Signed by Calice Becker, the Versace Pour Femme Dylan Blue bottle is the expression of innovative design. Its elegant curves bring to mind an acient amphora, evoking Greek culture and mythology. The color of the bottle and packaging is as intense as the Mediterranean Sea: strong, deep and mysterious. Gold details and the iconic Medusa – a bridge between past and present – embellish its precious content.


Versace Pour Femme Dylan Blue Flacon Box

For the creation of the sensually stimulating scent and the campaign, the fashion house worked with one of the world’s top perfumer Calice Becker (Executive Perfumer, Vice President Perfume at Givaudan and since this year Director of the Givaudan Perfumery School), and fashion photographer, filmmaker Bruce Weber who shot already the Visuals for the’Dylan Blue Pour Homme (released 2016) campaign short film with Gigi Hadid: the black and white film reminds Italian Neorealism cinema. Ad the ads’black and white pictures for the promotion of Dylan Blue Pour Femme, Croatian model Faretta appears together with male models like Christian Hogue, Noel Kirven Dows, Michael Gioia,…. to name a few.

Versace Pour Femme Dylan Blue is available as 30, 50 and 100ml. Eau de Parfum.







Yves Saint Laurent Mon Paris Dazzling Lights Collector


Yves Saint Laurent Mon Paris Dazzling Lights Collector Visual

A  festive atmosphere will complement the offer of the Yves Saint Laurent beauty collection, offering special gift sets and a beautiful collectable whose holiday packaging is decorated with with glittery fireworks. The fireworks reflect feelings of of excitement and intense love affairs, adding positive energy to the holiday idyll. The holiday packaging is designed in beautiful black with pink embroidery in the form of fireworks while the central part of the Maison’s logo YSL is in gold color.

When winter holidays are coming, any woman wants to look and smell different, luring, seductive and special. I’m I right?! Winter holidays are remarkable due to the festive aura in the air that makes these winter events so special. So, thanks to winter upcoming holidays, French Maison Yves Saint Laurent, launches a thrilling and dazzling new Collection named Mon Paris Dazzling Lights Collector. The new collection features an intense and exciting perfume for women part of their famous Mon Edition Perfumes.

Dazzling Yves Saint Laurent Mon Paris Eau de Parfum is a modern interpretation of Parisian love, passionately intense, hopelessly free and absolute.


Yves Saint Laurent Mon Paris Dazzling Lights Collector Flacon .jpg

Yves Saint Laurent Mon Paris Dazzling Lights Collector comes in a sparkling gorgeous package ornamented with a sparkling firework inspiring the festive winter feelings. It is a limited edition perfume special for winter holidays. It has the same composition as the original Mon Paris (2016) wich is described as a fresh/sweet/chypre/floral perfume composed by famous perfumers Olivier Cresp, Harry Fremont and Dora Baghriche.

Top notes: Bergamot, Mandarin orange, Orange, Calone, Pear, Strawberry, Raspberry
Heart: Orange blosson, Peony, Jasmine, Jasmine sambac, Datura
Base: Cedar, Musk, Vanilla, Patchouili, Indonesian patchouili, Moss, Ambroxan

It starts with a fresh and delicious aroma made of strawberry, raspberry, pear, bergamot, orange and mandarin orange along with floral accords of datura, jasmine Sambac mixed with Chinese jasmine calmed on a woody layer made of different types of patchouli. This gourmand and delicious perfume is nor too sweet nor too intense, yet glamour and delicate enough to please a woman on special events, especially on winter holidays.

Yves Saint Laurent Mon Paris Dazzling Lights Collector

Yves Saint Laurent Mon Paris Dazzling Lights Collector1


Yves Saint Laurent Mon Paris Dazzling Lights Collector is available as a beautiful 50ml limited edition Eau de Parfum. This perfume comes with perfumed body care products, makeup and specially packaged giftsets of Mon Paris.

More about Yves Saint Laurent’s Mon Paris Dazzling Lights Collector make-up products soon here on Yakymour….




Armani Privé Rouge Malachite: L’Or De Russie Limited Edition

Armani Privé Limited Edition Rouge Malachite L'Or De Russie Banner.jpg

Giorgio Armani fills up its luxurious and precious Armani Privé Collection with one more thrilling and powerful new limited edition perfume for both men and women: Armani Privé Rouge Malachite: L’Or De Russie.

Rouge Malachite: L’Or De Russie got its inspiration from Russia culture and promises to warm and melt any heart with a glamor and sensual aroma. This perfume is as exclusive and unique as the precious tuberose ingredient that makes this perfume so special and exclusive.

Top notes: Tuberose, Pink pepper, Clary Saga
Heart: Jasmine sambac, Orange blossom, Benzoin, Cashmeran, Ylang-Ylang
Base: Tuberose, Amberxtrem

Created by perfumer Pascal Gaurin, this flamboyant fragrance opens with spicy pink pepper and clary sage along with tuberose, orange blossom, seductive ylang-ylang, Sambac jasmine, benzoin calmed on the base layer made of tuberose and amberxtreme.


Armani Privé Limited Edition Rouge Malachite L'Or De Russie Flacon

Armani Privé Rouge Malachite L’Or De Russie is recognizable by the fiery red flacon and the gold plaque and stopper. It gives a stylisch contrast in a holiday manner. L’Or De Russie is launched as a holiday edition for 2017.

Armani Privé Rouge Malachite L’Or De Russie Limited Edition is available as 100ml. Eau de Parfum.


Armani Privé Rouge Malachite Candle

For all lovers of fragrant candles, the Armani Privé Collection also offers the Limited Edition Rouge Malachite Candle of 180gr. in fiery red jars. Four unique fragrances of Armani’s exclusive collection have been translated  into decorative candles that were inspired by Armani Casa.

An elegant and unforgettable Armani Privé perfumed candle can be the perfect gift that will brighten the home while spreading around those recognizable ‘chique’ scents.