Raul Exposito for Armand Basi Fragance by Leila Mendez

Armand Basi Wild Forest Raul Exposito.jpg

Wild Forest by Armand Basi is a manly, woody, spicy fragrance for men that was launched in 2013, and created by Nathalie Lorson. This one I reallly couldn’t wait to have…for my hubby of course. I thought the bottle was so unique to me and it reminded me of Canada. I also thought, despite of the smell, it would look really cool on our dresser. Low and behold, it smells like Wood! Created for the real men!

  • Top notes are pepper and nutmeg;
  • Heart notes are violet leaf and cedar
  • Base notes are vanilla, ambergris, leather, incense, musk and patchouli.

Armand Basi Wild Forest.jpg

The packaging, designed by Antoni Arola of Barcelona based Estudi Arola, features a glass bottle slotted into a square-shouldered solid block of wood, with a ‘window’ to view the level inside the bottle. The cap is square and also made of wood, while the outer card packaging is designed to look like wood.

 Spanish model Raul Exposito is starring the latest campaign for the new fragrance for men of Armand Basi. It’s photographed by Leila Mendez.

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