Théophile LeClerc Le Parfum Poudré

Paris, France

The origin of the scent of ‘Le Parfum Poudré’ by Théophile LeClerc is authentic. It’s the bottled olfactory impression of the French label’s loose powder which bases on a rice formula. The powder was developed 1881 at the pharmacy of Théophile LeClerc in Paris, and became a favored beauty product of women of the Belle Époque and belongs until today to T. LeClerc’s signature products.

Powder scent from the late 19th century bottled as perfume by Théophile LeClerc

‘Le Parfum Poudré’ is the Maison’s first perfume and is a sweet Gourmand fragrance composed from Rose, precious Iris, Vanilla and Musk notes. When spaying the scent onto the skin, German or Austrian noses will probably associate caramel candy à la Bavarian Malt Sugar (Bayrischer Blockmalz) which was according to various sources created in its basics at the turn of the 19th – 20th century. The vintge perfume in a white flacon carries pleasurably warm notes which fit well to outfits of the upcoming party, cocktail and ball season.

‘Le Parfum Poudré’ will be avaible from next month…..


Parfum Poudré T.LeClerc




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