Dior Les Extraits: J’adore Extrait De Parfum

Dior has revisited some of their iconic fragrances to create a collection special editions. The collection named Dior Les Extraits is made up of five perfumes that are renowned for their rich feminine scents. The five Miss Dior, Miss Dior Original, Diorissimo, Poison and J’adore are some of the best perfumes ever made in the world. The Extraits stands at the top of the fragrance pyramid as the primary expression.They are made from rich natural ingredients extremely high in concentration that reacts differently to each person’s skin. It takes three thousand Rose De Mai Absolute roses to obtain a kilogram of essence to create the extract used in this collection. François Demachy, the House’s exclusive perfumer-creator explains “The extract is the olfactive idea enhanced by the note.”

Dior-Les-Extraits-J'Adore-Parfum -

Christian Dior Les Extraits J’Adore Parfum

Feminine, classic and sensual. For the J’Adore Extrait de Parfum, Dior gives a dense and dazzling expression to the primary accord, composed a generous and intense bouquet of flowers that work in a beautiful harmony.

J’adore is the fragrance of flowers that bloom with absolute femininity. The sensual bouquet of J’adore, in which ingredients with character like Rose de Mai Absolute, Damascus Rose Absolute, Jasmine Sambac Absolute and Ylang-Ylang Essence dominate.

  • Top notes of Ylang-Ylang essence
  • Heart notes of Damascus Rose absolute
  • Base notes of Jasmine Sambac absolute

Christian Dior Les Extraits J’Adore Parfum is housed in an extraordinary flacon, created in Saint Jean de Braye, France, retaining the characteristic shape that made it famous and gaining additional decoration.

All five editions from Dior Les Extaits:  Miss Dior Extrait de Parfum, Miss Dior Extrait de Parfum Original, Diorissimo Parfum, Poison Parfum and J’Adore Parfum are are available online and in store  as 0.5 oz (15 ml) priced at $175.

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