Riders of the Knights a diamonds armor by Louis Vuitton

LouisVuittonRidersOfThe KnightHighJewelry

French Maison Louis Vuitton´s Riders of the Knights is a homage to medieval heroines, a journey in time that continues the theme of travel that weaves through the Maison’s high jewellery collections. Each of the 50 pieces of jewellery honours the women of the Middle Ages who, in a world ruled by men, took matters into their own hands and made a lasting impact on the world.

Riders of the Knights is about the medieval heroines who changed the course of history through the force of their strength and will. I was thinking of women like Joan of Arc, Queen Elizabeth of England or Eleanor of Aquitaine. I wanted to capture the idea of strength through chains, armour, amulets and even swords.

Francesca Amfitheatrof

There was much speculation around the launch of the Riders of the Knights collection as it is the first high jewellery collection by Louis Vuitton’s artistic director of watches and jewellery, Francesca Amfitheatrof. B Blossom, the fine jewellery collection presented in May, hinted at a change of style chez Louis Vuitton with its chunky shapes and bold colours.


Riders of the Knights shows a new direction for Louis Vuitton high jewellery yet still in tune with the Maison codes we have come to recognise from this Place Vendôme jeweller. Described as the ‘embodiment of determination and independence’, remarkable women from the past  through these jewels speak to the confident and successful Louis Vuitton woman of today.

It is quite a radical change in look for Louis Vuitton jewellery, but the pieces are still very much identifiable as jewellery and of course, we only use the very best gemstones. Louis Vuitton is a strong brand, so it needs a strong look.

Francesca Amfitheatrof

Comprising three series, Le Royaume, La Cavalière and La Reine, the Riders of the Knights collection brilliantly expresses the maison’s extraordinary vision. In Le Royaume, the refined and architectural lines of a medieval fortress provide the aesthetic cues – think portcullises, chains and drawbridges. La Cavalière and La Reine explore the myths and legends of amulets and weaponry, and the aura of sovereign power. The colours are opulent and majestic and the forms weighty, imposing and loaded with symbolism. Strong rhythms are forged in bold outsized links that are seamlessly set with diamonds and the most precious of gemstones in rich, deep colours.


The Riders of the Night Le Royaume necklace is shaped like a gorget, or chain mail throat-protector, worn by knights in battle. The fine mesh is highly flexible and is set with 1,600 diamonds and sapphires and a 19.31 carat royal blue sapphire.



Louis Vuitton Riders of the Knights Le Royaume diamond and sapphire earrings and ring are part of the Initial collection, the Le Royaume diamond and sapphire earrings are reminiscent of a stone tower and suggest strength and protection.



Aquamarines of an exceptional colour associated with the Santa Maria mine are et in the Riders of the Knight La Reine rings, each decorated with symbols of mediëval heraldy such as the Fleur de Lys, coronets and even a little dagger. 



The Riders of the Night La Reine necklace is set with nine exceptional Santa Maria-like aquamarines with a combined weight of 153 carats. Each stone is in a deep bezel setting adding a sense of authority to the jewel. 

One of the most impressive jewels is the Le Royaume necklace shaped like a gorget, or chain mail throat-protector, as worn by knights in battle. The fine mesh is highly flexible and set with 1,600 diamonds and sapphires and a 19.31 carat velvety royal blue sapphire. Regal and potent, the sapphires symbolise purity and protection. Woven into the necklace are yet more references to a medieval fortress: the links of the mesh are shaped to resemble the latticed grille of a portcullis complete with spiked ends and a chunky chain – as you would find on a drawbridge – runs around the bottom of the necklace.

The La Cavalière suite features deep red spinels that symbolise ardour and courage. The spinels are protected by diamond-set links that bring to mind a medieval belt clasp. Showcasing Louis Vuitton’s ability to source the most unusual and exceptional stones, the La Reine necklace is set with nine Santa Maria-like aquamarines with a combined weight of 153 carats. Dazzling and imposing, it speaks of dynastic might and boundless wealth.


Spinels, that symbolise ardour and courage, shine out against the diamonds in the Riders of the Knight La Cavalière bracelet and earrings made up of bold links that bring to mind a medieval belt clasp.



Treading a fine line between masculinity and adornment, the diamond and emerald ring is majestic in its bold contrast of the richly coloured emerald and the simplicity of white diamonds and onyx



This diamond, emerald and sapphire ring from Louis Vuitton’s Riders of the Knights high jewellery collection has the shape of a signet ring and could equally worn by a man.



The Riders of the Knight lapis lazuli, diamond and emerald bracelet is an intriguing combination of might and delicateness that exudes a talismanic quality.

A rounded disc of rich blue lapis lazuli the size of a fist is set with a deep green emerald. Suspended from a triple chain of diamonds and sapphires, the talisman-like necklace exudes sovereign power. A sapphire, emerald and diamond ring could equally be worn by a man thanks its robust signet-ring shape and simple gem-setting.

The Louis Vuitton Riders of the Knights collection will later be expanded with fifty more pieces, always inspired by the codes of chivalry, coats of arms and medieval architecture.

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Louis Vuitton Tambour Spin Time Air Watch Collection


French Maison Louis Vuitton unveils the spectacular Tambour Spin Time Air Collection, boasting an innovative system of rotating cubes set within a transparent face.

As playful as it is technical, the unrivaled, innovative Spin Time concept provides a fun way of reading the time thanks to an exclusive and patented caliber developed a decade ago. Instead of a central hand, these watches use twelve rotating cubes to display the hours. Every 60 minutes, the corresponding cube spins to reveal the next hour, while the previous hour simultaneously rotates to hide its numeral. This year, the master watchmakers at La Fabrique du Temps Louis Vuitton have further evolved the unique self-winding movement to be more even more ethereal, in that the cubes displaying the hour appear to float in mid-air. These cubes have become veritable satellites, suspended between the caliber and the case, whose hidden sides can be seen through the transparent back along with the oscillating weight.

Each of the seven new Tambour Spin Time Air watches is housed in a white gold case, available with a variety of central pattern in gemstones settings, while the cubes themselves are set with diamonds or colored stones, lacquered or satin-brushed.


More about the amazing Louis Vuitton Tambour Spin Time Air Watch Collection, soon here on Yakymour……  Come into the wonderful world of Louis Vuitton.





Louis Vuitton releases new Tambour Icons watch collection


Louis Vuitton unveils new models of the Maison’s original timepiece: the timeless Tambour watch. It is hard to believe that it was only seventeen years ago that French Maison Louis Vuitton put its name on the dial of a watch. And even more surprising to think that in this short time, the Tambour has become such a recognisable presence on wrists around the globe.

If you’ve been looking to treat yourself to a statement accessory, look no further. Louis Vuitton has just released its latest Tambour Icons collection, which features a selection of sleek watches for all occasions.

Back in 2001, Louis Vuitton made its watchmaking debut with the Tambour, an unprecedented timepiece that integrates all of the Maison’s values into its design – from the Louis Vuitton letters engraved on its case to the yellow second hand like the waxed thread used in the Maison’s classic bags. Beyond multiple references, the Tambour model has come to symbolize Louis Vuitton’s core identity, it represents a signature that combines a timeless look with renewed technical performance.


Tambour, which means drum in French, refers to the deep, sloped sides of the case. This generous case shape has housed from simple three-hand models to head-spinning complications such as a minute repeater or a flying tourbillon.

Beyond multiple references, the Tambour model has come to symbolize Louis Vuitton’s core identity, it represents a signature that combines a timeless look with renewed technical performance.

Thanks to the enduring success of its basic design the Tambour has marched through the years enriching its ranks with a dazzling array of variants including a connected watch that playfully allows you to choose dials from the Louis Vuitton watch range, neatly fusing the past with the present. Its distinctive case shape and multiple variations all referencing the firm’s rich history have secured the Tambour the status of a house icon. From all angles, the Tambour is a Vuitton product: the dial, the strap, the case shape and even the sides of the watch are engraved with words Louis Vuitton.


The French Maison launches four Tambour ‘Icon’ watches that most thoroughly and totally embrace the spirit of watchmaking at Louis Vuitton. The Tambour Damier Graphite and the Tambour Monogram are the distillation and very essence of Louis Vuitton in a wrist-sized object. The historical Damier and Monogram patterns now travel from the strap right onto the dial for a total Louis Vuitton look.

But first a reminder of the history of these two patterns. Towards the end of the 19th century, thanks to his overwhelming success, Louis Vuitton wanted to set apart his flat-top steamer trunks from competitors so decided to cover his superior luggage in a new canvas of alternating brown and beige squares which he called the Damier canvas; the French for chequerboard.  The pattern earned Louis Vuitton a gold medal at the 1889 Exposition Universelle in Paris but didn’t stop the pesky imitators. So Louis Vuitton’s son and heir Georges Vuitton tackled the problem again with the creation of the iconic Monogram canvas conceived in 1896. It was inspired by the pattern of four-petal flowers on the Gien earthenware tiles in the family kitchen in Asnières on the outskirts of Paris. Little was Georges Vuitton to know that the quatrefoil star and flower shapes and the interlocking initials of the founder LV have become the foundation of Louis Vuitton’s identity.


Today these hallowed patterns are now on the canvas straps of the new watches but also on the dials. If you look closely at the dial, you will see that the texture of the canvas is recreated in engraved steel that is then painstakingly printed to mimic the real thing thanks to the skilled craftsmanship of the dial experts at La Fabrique du Temps Louis Vuitton in Geneva.

Driven by a quartz movement, the new Tambours are fitted with interchangeable straps – featuring Louis Vuitton’s innovative patented system that allows wearers to easily swap out the straps to suit the occasion and invent their own style.

What’s more like all Louis Vuitton watches, these Icon Tambour models feature a patented easy-strap change system allowing you to personalise your look in an instant. Straps come in almost every variation of Louis Vuitton leather and canvas for a tantalising offer of choices.

Louis Vuitton Tambour Damier Graphite watch


The Tambour Damier Graphite is the largest of the four new watches with a sizable 41.5mm diameter. Masculine and elegant in a graphite colour scheme that would slip elegantly under the sleeve of a gentleman’s suit or add that finishing touch to laid-back weekend look.

• Polished stainless steel case
• 41.5mm in diameter
• Dial with Damier graphite canvas pattern engraved and printed
• Hours and minutes polished rhodium-plated hands, blue central second hand
• Quartz movement
• Functions: hours, minutes, seconds
• Interchangeable strap fitted with Louis Vuitton’s patented system,
in Damier Graphite canvas
• Ardillon buckle
• Water-resistant to 100 metres


Louis Vuitton Tambour Monogram watch


The Tambour Monogram comes in three sizes from a cute version suitable for the most petite wrists to a unisex 39.5mm dimension. All four new watches are powered by quartz movements housed in stainless steel cases water resistant to 100 metres.

• Polished stainless steel case
• Available in three sizes: 28, 34, 39.5mm diameter
• Dial with Monogram canvas pattern engraved and printed
• Hours and minutes polished rhodium-plated hands, yellow central second hand
• Quartz movement
• Functions: hours, minutes, seconds
• Interchangeable strap fitted with Louis Vuitton’s patented system,
in Monogram canvas
• Ardillon buckle
• Water-resistant to 100 metres

As well as the Damier and Monogram patterns, the history of Louis Vuitton is alive and ticking in the yellow on the second hand of the Monogram version, reminiscent of the waxed thread of the Maison’s handbags. With the arrival of these most Louis Vuitton of Tambour watches, it may just be possible that these four models become as coveted as the trunks and handbags from which they were inspired.

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Louis Vuitton Coloured Pencils Pouch


French Maison Louis Vuitton has been at the forefront of luxury home and lifestyle goods for a couple of years now, so if you thought that the Parisian brand is pulling a ‘Supreme’ with these coloured pencils, think again. From Vivienne charms and trinkets, to the classic perfumed candles, you can say that Louis Vuitton has done it all. Well, almost.

Take a look at these 40 fine-quality coloured pencils imbued with the Louis Vuitton watermark slotted individually within the foldable pouch, a refreshing new addition to the home and lifestyle department that’s set to officially launch in the days to come. Flip it to the other side, and you will find the pouch finished in Monogram Canvas, with hand-painted circles to indicate the colour of the pencil that sits on the opposite end.

The Louis Vuitton Coloured Pencils Pouch will be available soon. You should visit – or ring – your nearby Louis Vuitton boutique and put your name on the list to be informed the moment it’s officially up for sale. One thing’s for sure, this Coloured Pencils Pouch will be sold out before you know it.

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Louis Vuitton Rose des Vents


A whisper of petals opens up new horizons. A navigator’s indispensable tool, the rose des vents – or compass – is the traveler’s faithful companion. An olfactory guide, Master Perfumer Jacques Cavallier Belletrud transports us to the middle of a field of roses in Grasse.

Buffeted by the wind, this singular flower seems to breathe. Sleek and stately thanks to iris and cedar, this perfume takes on glazed accents as it comes into contact with pepper. Gradually, the composition becomes as delicate as the skin of a velvety fruit. As golden as the first light of day.


Engrave the bottle with your initials or a special date, either in tone-on-tone or with a gold finish, creating a permanent and personal emblem on the glass.

Louis Vuitton Rose de Vents is available as 100 and 200ml at Louis Vuitton boutiques and at louisvuitton.com.



In creating the Fragrance Travel Cases, Louis Vuitton applies its savoir-faire and mastery in custom-designing the perfect case for transporting and protecting each item of one’s personal belongings. The 100ml travel case conserves and protects your perfume bottle, closing securely with a buckle. Slip it into your bag in every situation.

The 100ml travel case is available in many colors, and can also be personalized in store to the initials of your choice. The travel case cost $500.

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The perfect gift: Louis Vuitton’s Voguez Volez Voyagez paperweight



Inspired by Italian sportscars like Maserati and O.S.C.A., their coachbuilders Bertone, Touring and Vignale, and the French Maison’s travel influences, the Louis Vuitton Voguez Volez Voyagez paperweight is a playful accessory for the workplace. This fun piece embodies Gaston Louis Vuitton’s nostalgia for his youth. An elegant sensibility is provided by a Louis Vuitton key emblem.


Beauty may doesn’t come cheap, but this would be the perfect gift for him (or her!). Come into the beautiful world of Louis Vuitton…… vrooom!





Must have: Louis Vuitton’s new monogrammed lipstick case


Well this is chic with a capital-C. Louis Vuitton has reimagined the ultimate beauty accessory for modern women. Inspired by makeup and jewelry cases of the 1920s, the French Maison has debuted a monogram lipstick case in two neutral colorways.

After launching a collection of travel leather cases for their perfume last year, the latest object of desire by Louis Vuitton will keep your beauty products safe, or at least stylish.

After launching a collection of travel leather cases for their perfume last year, and the news that we’ll be getting some LV wireless earpods, we weren’t surprised the luxury French fashion house went back to the drawing board and came up with a lipstick case.



We all know about Louis Vuitton’s longstanding tradition of creating fancy travel objects, but the latest monogrammed accessory from the French house has us floored. The French Maison is launching a monogrammed bullet case inspired by 1920s-style jewellery holders, the monogrammed bullet case will come in two colorways: classic chocolate with gold metal casing and light tan with silver accents, with details in brass gold or silver finish with the addition of the ‘LV’ monogram at the very top of the case.

What’s cool is each case can hold up to two lipsticks but to be totally honest, if you can fit anything else in there – mints, hair clips, some cash – it’s gotta be done. No judgments…

It fits up to two lipsticks and secures with a lock. The best part of all is that it comes with a chain so you can wear it as a long necklace, a crossbody, or even link it to your purse as an accessory. The latest object of desire by Louis Vuitton will keep your beauty products safe, or at least stylish.



Even your lipsticks could be dressed in Louis Vuitton now. The price for the lipstick case is USD$1,390 and they’re expected to drop on 22 February. Looks like our beauty and accessories game will be strong this season. Come in the beautiful world of Louis Vuitton.